Standard Football Betting Offerings

The football season is vital to you being a bookie at, as the sports is the most popular betting one. There are many different kind of football wagers to make and to be a success at running your sportsbook it is very important that you know all of them and your players know all their betting options as well. The more they know about the football bets they can make the more juice you will get.

Most bettors that wager on football will know about the spread and the totals, which are the most popular football bets, but there are several others they need to be aware of. Getting the juice is what it is all about and you will get a percentage of every single bet made. This is why you and your players have to be aware of all the football betting options that are available.

The Most Popular Football Bets

The Spread – The spread is the most common football bet and it evens out the playing field to try to get even money wagered on a game. In the spread there is a favorite that will be giving points and an underdog that will be getting points. Here is an example of a football spread. Cowboys -7 Redskins +7. In this bet the Redskins are the underdog, denoted by the + in front of the number, and will be getting seven points and the Cowboys are the favorite, denoted by the – in front of the number, will be giving seven points. The Cowboys will have to win by more than seven points to win the bet and the Redskins have to win or lose by less than seven points to win the bet. So if the Cowboys beat the Redskins 38-30 they won by eight points so they covered the spread. In the example above if the Cowboys won 37-30 they won by 7 points, which was the spread, so the bet would be a tie and you get your original bet back. Many times you will see a .5 after the number, so it takes the tie out of the equation.

The Totals Bet – This has to be the easiest one to understand, as you are simply betting the Over or Under on the total number posted in the game on how many points are scored total by both teams. For example in the Redskins vs. Cowboys game the total is 51 and the Cowboys beat the Redskins 30-27. The total number of points scored by both teams is 57 so the Over bet would be the winning one and the Under bet would be the losing one. Just like the spread there will often by a.5 after the total, which makes it so the bet cannot be a tie.

The Moneyline – The moneyline bet is one where you simply pick one team to win, but with no spread the odds are inflated to show the favorite and the underdog. In this bet you are betting more on a less favorable payout on the favorite and betting less for a more favorable payout on the underdog. Here is an example of a moneyline bet. Redskins +150 / Cowboys -170. In this example the Cowboys are the favorites and the Redskins are the underdog and, using $100 as an example, you will need to bet $170 on the Cowboys for a $100 payout and $100 on the Redskins for a $170 payout.

Other Football Betting Options

Proposition Bets – Proposition bets are known as prop bets, as they have nothing to do with the outcome of the game, but you are wagering on performances of a player or a team. There are player and team prop bets and you can win the bet no matter what the outcome of the game is. A few examples of a player prop bets are who will pass for more yards Tom Brady or Cam Newton, which RB in a game will have more rushing TD, and which WR will have more receiving yards? A few examples of a team prop bets are will the 49ers score on a safety in the game, will the Jets score Over or Under 22 points, and who will have more first downs in the game between the Cowboys and the Giants. There are tons of prop bets available for every game and there are even more of them when the playoffs and Super Bowl roll around.

Futures Bets – In a futures bet the name says it all, as you are betting on the future outcome of a team or player. Futures bets will have different odds for players and teams and the futures bet you make at the time are the odds that you keep, as futures odds will change throughout the season depending on how the team or player is doing. A few examples of futures bets that you can make are what team will win the Super Bowl or NCAA National Championship, which team will win the NFC, which team will win the ACC, which player will win the NFL MVP. And which player will win the Heisman trophy.

Win Totals Bet – The win totals bet is one of the easier football bets to understand, as there will be posted win totals for teams and you simply bet the Over or Under on if you think that team will win over or under the posted win total.

Parlay Bets – A parlay bets is multiple bets in on so for example you can bet on three NFL games in a single bet and all of them have to win for you to win the bet. Obviously, it is harder to pick multiple game winners, but for a parlay the payout is much greater since the bet is harder to win. For a football parlay bet you have to bet at least two games and the more bets you win the harder it is to win, but the greater the payout will be. You don’t have to just pick teams in a parlay bet, but you can pick totals as well. There are parlay bets available for the spread as well as the moneyline.

Ok, you can see above there are a lot of betting options when it comes to football. Get in tune with your players and let them know all these options, as it gives them more opportunities to wager. The more your players wager the more money you will make.