They say necessity is the mother of invention and this mostly explains why Realbookies.com came into existence. Twenty Five years ago when the internet was in its infancy and sports betting online didn’t even exist, the founders of Realbookies saw that wagering online would explode and there was sown the seed to develop a software to bet online.

However, there were others who saw a gap to fill in the betting niche and pounced on the opportunity to create a product to satisfy this nice.

This is where DGS software company was born. Instead of competing with them, the owners of Realbookies partnered up with DGS and  improved their version of the software.

We have added many components to the DGS software that our bookies have requested.

Due to the ever changing landscape in internet betting, Realbookies are in the forefront in adapting to satisfy the needs of our bookmakers.

We are considered one of the top pay per head service providers on the planet and the amount of press coverage we get is a testament to that.

We have been interviewed and mentioned on the BBC, Skysports, Forbes, CNN, The Guardian, Sportsbook Review, TheRX and many other online publications.