Access to Worldwide Betting Lines

As a small independent bookmaker, your main point of difference to attract customers away from the large offshore sportsbooks in the sports gaming industry is the personalized service you can offer that the big books cannot. Part of that service involves the use of a top notch Pay Per Head company like Realbookie that can handle all the administrative aspects of the bookmaking business that would be far too costly to try and provide on your own.

Two of the most important services that a price per head company can provide to keep you competitive with huge online sportsbooks are access to betting lines for an extended number of sporting events around the globe as well as the ability to wager on sports through the use of live betting lines.

As a personalized bookmaker nobody understands your customer’s needs more than you do. While the majority of your cliental may be content with placing most of their wagers on major sports or sporting events, variety is the spice of life, which is never truer than when it comes to wagering on sports. By working hand-in-hand with your pay per head service, you can develop an extensive menu of worldwide betting lines that would rival that of the biggest books in the business. The only limit would be your imagination in terms of creating access to over 80 different leagues around the globe.

Exposing your customers to new and exciting betting options not only adds to the action on their end, it helps boost the bottom line on yours. Everyone knows the popularity of betting on the NFL but that is a limited season that only really covers five months of the year. What happens to your business when the NBA shuts down for the year in June? The goal of any bookmaker looking to create a business that will produce year-round profits is to develop a customer base that engages in year-round sports betting.

The best thing about working closely with your PPH service like RealBookie to expand your offerings is the ability to create a tailor-made package of sports and betting lines that best suit your needs and the needs of your customers. It is vital that you know exactly what is available to bet on so you can then decide if it is a good fit for your customer base. Having that level of control over betting lines ensures that you will always stay on the top of your game while expanding your company’s overall profits along the way. It also ensures that none of your customers will be tempted to switch over to one of the big online sportsbooks in search of something that they did not think you could offer.

One of the fastest growing ways that players like to wager on major sporting events is the use of live betting lines. Very simply, a live betting line allows your customer to bet on a sporting event while it is actually taking place. This is relatively new to the sports gaming industry, but nothing creates more excitement than betting on what is going to happen next in a match or game that is in progress. Given the complexity of live betting It would be impossible for you to do this on your own. This in-turn adds tremendous value to the investment that your PPH company makes in updating its systems with the latest technology and software necessary to keep track of this type of betting action. The software associated with live in-game betting lines is designed to constantly keep you updated on the latest odds at natural break points such as the end of a quarter, half, period, inning or whatever the break may be. Your customers are then able to quickly access this updated information online to wager accordingly during these breaks. Not only does live betting increase the action for your customers, it creates yet another way to increase the bottom line of your bookmaking business.