Analyzing Agent Exposure With Pay Per Head Bookie Reports

Control is directly related to long-term success as a private bookie. Some weeks are going to better than others but operating your own independent sportsbooks without a high level of control can be a recipe for disaster.

Most private bookies employ the use of a quality pay per head site to process the day-to-day online transactions that take place in a business of this nature. These transactions should be processed in a safe and secure viral environment. A PPH service’s operating system also needs reliable backup to keep it up and running online on a continuous basis.

Another important aspect of the bookie software solutions package you employ is backend software reports that let you drill down into every facet of your business. From a running bet ticker to weekly settlement reports, having instant access to real time results is how a quality pay per head provider really earns the weekly per head fees charged for every active bettor you work with.

There are a number of issues that deal directly with the issue of control. Creating individual online account profiles come with the ability to set both credit and betting limits. You should also have to ability to quickly edit these limits if necessary.

Weekly player totals lets you track all activity on a daily basis while rolling up the totals at the end of the week. This information can be expanded on a month by month basis as a player’s overall betting history. There are a number of other reports that facilitate ongoing management tasks that help give you the high level of control you are looking for.

Bookie Agent Exposure Reports

One of the most important management tools is real time information on your risk and exposure. Negative exposure left unchecked can cause serious cash flow issues while adversely effecting hold percentages and gross profits. You need to know your overall exposure across the board while also drilling down into specific categories.

This type of detailed business analytics speaks directly to the issue of constant control. This is especially true if you are working with a network of sub-agents. It is far easier to take advantage of an opportunity upfront than it is dealing with an issue after the fact. Your current pay per head bookie services package should be able to answer all of your questions at any given time of the day.

If the information is thorough, up to date and specific to breakout categories (sport, top games and individual players), you can always stay way out in front of the action coming in. Along with the reports that detail your current exposure, you also need the proper business tools to manage the situation. This includes an instant edit option for moving lines and changing your betting board. You also need the instant ability to make the necessary adjustments on an account by account basis.

Other Vital Pay Per Head Player Management Tools

Pre-settlement snapshots and actual settlement reports are each good ways to examine how you stand with each of your betting customers. At any given time of the week, either you owe them money or they owe you.

Your PPH management software should be able to establish real time figures for your bookie business as a whole and drilled down in any way you need to look at things. It can be very beneficial to extract figures on a sport by sport basis. You may want to compare one week to another.

Whatever helps to gain the level of control you are looking for should be part of the pay per head bookie software service you employ.