Arkansas: A Battle Ground State for Bookies

Bookies love Arkansas because Arkansas loves to gamble. This state is filled with a plethora of gambling opportunity and it means business, from top to bottom. The best place to start would be the capital city of Little Rock. Little Rock is the economic hub of Arkansas and is the home of more than one political power brokers such as Bill Clinton, and Mike Huckabee. The jobs are in Little Rock, the money is centered around Little Rock and there are many great sports venues that can be bet on. The rest of the state is much more than Little Rock, with cities such as Fayetteville, Jonesboro, Pine Bluff, Conway, Memphis and many more scattered across the state. Arkansas is a state filled with sports fans that have a history of online gambling and they want more. These folks are Cowboys fans, Chiefs fans, Titans fans, Texans fans, Texas Rangers fans, Houston Astros, Kansas City Royals, Oklahoma City Thunder, Alabama Football, and much more. The state is geographically centered around great NCAA venues, as well as too many professional teams to mention. Bookies: Start a Pay Per Head in Arkansas. The money is there, and they want to gamble.

What can a pay per head do for you?

  • A pay per head combines an online sportsbook, racebook, and casino, all in one. You get all three when you sign up.
  • Why do you need all three? Your anchor is the sportsbook, this is why you are in the business, to begin with, and this should be what you love to do. Let’s be honest, the sportsbook is not always a money-maker, and neither is the racebook. There will be lean times. Think of it like this: Look at all of the mega sportsbooks in Las Vegas. What is the one common denominator that most of them have in common? An attached casino. Nearly every major sportsbook in casino is operated by a parent company and that parent company is in the casino business.
  • Casinos make a fortune. They always have and they will continue to do so until the end of time. The casino is set up to beat the public. This is what they do and the vast majority of the time, this is exactly what happens. Do people hit jackpots from time to time? Absolutely they do. If a casino never paid, they would quickly be out of business. The slot machines often have a 97% payback rate and even higher. Slots are fun to play, and players forget how much they lose. Most of the players have no idea how much they have lost – for one reason. Nearly every pull, the player wins something. With online betting, it’s the click of the mouse and money goes in a hurry this way. You must have an online casino.
  • The racebook is a great entity to have for one basic reason; the players are loyal. You must find a great PPH that offers a world-class racebook with tracks from around the world. Build it and they will most definitely be faithful to your site.
  • Lines and Odds: The PPH sets all of the daily events for you and they organize the events in a read-easy manner. Your online sportsbook will look similar to most any other online sportsbook, even the largest and biggest of them. You must set and offer the best lines and odds, you must be competitive, and your lines must be sharp. Players will shop around, you can expect this, however., you want them to realize that you are the best option. Lines and odds will make or break your bottom line. Players can and will take advantage of weak lines, know them well or get help setting them. The PPH takes care of this entire, daily task.
  • Balance your budget: You must set a working budget and you must follow it. The only way to reasonably do this is by knowing where each dollar goes and when each dollar comes in the door. You must know who is beating you and who is losing. Stay vigilant and you will earn a great income.

The best pay per heads are available to you in Arkansas and you must find them. Get online and find the reviews, find the forums and learn who the best really is. You can be a corner bookie for the rest of your life and never break out of this mold, with a PPH you will make a great income from day one. Call them and ask for a free trial, get started today.