Attracting Additional Betting Customers With Real Bookies

Times are about as tough as it gets for private bookies trying to run and manage an independent sportsbook. The continued absence of live sports and sporting events takes away your biggest draw with a designated sports betting customer base.

Real Bookies is there to help fill your betting board with alternative options from futures and props for all major sports to daily horse betting through your own racebook and online gambling through your own casino.

Owned and operated by sports betting experts with a strong background in online gambling software solutions, this top-rated bookie services provider has been around long enough to know to attract sports bettors to your bookmaking business.

Given the current business environment, Real Bookies also knows how to think outside the box to find new and exciting ways to fill the current void of live action. By building out your board with a diverse set of betting lines and odds, you can keep your entire customer base engaged while also attracting potential customers looking for something new and unique to wager on right now.

Making the Most of The Situation

As social distancing tactics remain in place to slow down the spread of the coronavirus outbreak, there could be a much longer delay in live betting action than first expected. At first, the sudden NBA, NHL and MLB shutdown was a shock to the system. Most online sports bettors decided to ride things out and wait for each league to resume play.

More than a month later, the grim reality that live sports betting is gone for an extended spell has settled in. Now, your sports betting customers are looking for alternative options even if that means betting on ice hockey in Russia or basketball in China.

They are also open to options such as e-Sports simulation games, political props and even golf’s Outlaw Tour in Arizona.

It becomes rather amazing what you can add to your betting board when traditional sports and sporting events are “off the board.”

If you are willing to think out of the box along with Real Bookies, you can totally re-imagine your entire bookmaking business.

Using Real Bookies Betting Options to Build Your Betting Base

One of the most important tasks right now is to keep your entire sports betting base engaged. You cannot afford to let the concept of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ settle in. While working with Real Bookies on expanding your overall betting options, you can also create an expanded marketing plan to reach potential betting customers.

If you are the only bookie offering betting action on e-Premier League soccer, then you need to use targeted social media vehicles to get the word out. You can also work with Real Bookies on your customized online betting site to reflect this new-look betting board.

Contrary to popular belief, the next few months in the sports betting industry is not about survival. It is more about finding different ways to do the same thing- build weekly betting revenue and net profit. There are some ingenious ways to actually raise the hold percentage on the action your are taking in.

Less revenue with higher profit is a business situation you can live with. Real Bookies has the proper software products along with expert business support to actually expand a customer base while other bookmaking operations remain on pause.