Automated Player Management With Pay Per Head

Running and managing a successful bookie business involves quite a few moving parts. That is why aligning your business with a quality pay per head bookie services provider is a necessity in today’s marketplace.

By automating your business processes while also running the day-to-day administrative tasks online, you can focus more of your time and energy in other areas of the business such as sales and marketing.

A top-rated base pay per head software solutions package is designed to provide everything needed to automate a bookie business and run it online. A big part of that package is the right online business tools to perform a number of different tasks. One at or near the top of that list is effective player management.

Individual Online Player Profiles

The first step in the process of going online with a PPH provider is developing individual account profiles for each of your betting customers. This is the basis for every other business report that can be generated by your online betting software solutions package.

By tracking weekly action at this level, you will be able to get an excellent understanding of each of your customer’s betting habits and traits. This will let you build out your betting board to meet the needs of your customer base as a whole.

The information stored in an account profile will be used to formulate a complete transaction history for each customer. This is vital for reporting accuracy across various increments of time.

Individual customer profiles can also be used to establish betting and credit limits for each active player. These limits are flexible and they can be quickly adjusted if necessary.

Player Position Reports

Another vital business tool for proper player management is a real time player position report. This tabulates all of their current wagers to provide an accurate picture of their position with each individual bet.

This information can be rolled up and used to evaluate the overall position in a given game or sporting event. This helps the decision making process as far as line movements or the need to layoff some action to avoid any unwanted negative exposure.

Since the position reports are constantly updated in real time, you will always be able to stay way out in front of all the daily and weekly action coming in.

Player Settlement Reports

As far as settling up with each active customer, there are easy ways to keep track of the running ledger. A pre-settlement report can be run at anytime to project each player’s current balance. Many bookies will run these reports on a Monday following a weekend of betting action.

An actual settlement report will provide a detail explanation of each active customer’s current balance. You can use these to determine what you need to payout and what you need to collect. These settlement reports are the basis for determining your overall hold percentage for a designated time frame.

It is entirely up to you how often you settle up with your customer base. With a quality pay per head plan in place, there will never be any surprises when you do run the actual numbers.

These are just a few examples of how your pay per head package can automate player management throughout your entire bookie operation.