Available Badges for the Loyalty Program

All of the badges and their rules can be found on our program under the Loyalty Program tab in the left menu. You can also find the general rules for the program as well as your badge history, all in one place. If you have any questions you can always call, chat, email or text us on telegram.

Paid On Time

empty paid on time badge

We appreciate your loyalty and this badge is all about that. You’ll get it by having the required number of positive weeks.

This badge has three levels:


You need: 10 weeks with a positive balance.
You get: 100 loyalty chips and a 1% Multiplier on all of your deposits


silver badge for paid on time

You need: 25 weeks with a positive balance.
You get: 250 loyalty chips and a 2% Multiplier on all of your deposits


paid on time gold badge

You need: 50 weeks with a positive balance.
You get: 500 loyalty chips and a 3% Multiplier on all of your deposits


paid on time badge platinum level

You need: 130 weeks with a positive balance.
You get: 5000 loyalty chips and a 4% Multiplier on all of your deposits


diamond level badge for paid on time

You need: 260 weeks with a positive balance.
You get: 10000 loyalty chips and a 5% Multiplier on all of your deposits

Confirm Email

We know that your personal information is important and we will never sell your data. Your email will only be used to communicate promotions and for customer service.
You’ll get an outstanding 1000 Loyalty Chips after verifying your email.
Write your email in the box below and click the “Validate” button then, go to your email and click on the link we send.

Don’t forget to Claim your badge after. 

Confirm Phone

This badge is all about keeping in touch.
We will never sell your information.
When you validate your phone number through an SMS you’ll get 2000 Loyalty Chips.After validating, you need to claim the badge in order to get the LCs.


We’re thrilled to have the Anniversary Badge,

We value your commitment and loyalty. That’s why we’ve created this badge, to earn each level you need 52 weeks of active service. Learn more about this badge in this video.

You can see the rewards structure here

Telegram Channel Badge

Unlock exclusive rewards effortlessly by joining our Telegram Channel today! Simply become a member, and you’ll instantly receive 1000 Loyalty Chips as a welcome gift. It’s that easy! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to boost your rewards – join now and start earning!
Learn More Here

We will keep adding badges to this program so that you can keep making money with your business and with us.