Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens started their franchise back in 1996. The franchise started when Art Modell made the choice to relocate his franchise, which was in Cleveland. The Ravens have had a nice history of success, including two Super Bowl titles and 14 trips to the postseason coming into the 2023 season. The Ravens play out of the AFC North and have won the division 6 times.

M&T Bank Stadium is the Home of the Ravens

The Ravens play their games at M&T Bank Stadium, which was originally named PSINet Stadium. During the first season at the stadium, the team struggled, winning just 6 out of 16 games. The highlight of the season that year was when the Ravens welcomed the Colts back to Baltimore for the first time in 15 seasons. M&T Bank Stadium is located in the heart of Baltimore and within walking distance of Oriole Park at Camden Yards, which is where the Orioles play games in Major League Baseball.

The stadium hosts more than 70,000 fans, and it is often referred to as “The Bank” or “Ravens Flock” by the locals. The two largest crowds in the history of the stadium are known to be a Sunday Night Football game back in December of 2008 and a Divisional Playoff game in 2011. During the game in 2008, the Ravens beat the Washington Redskins. In the postseason game, Baltimore knocked off the Houston Texans. The crowd on that January night in Baltimore was recorded at just over 71,500.

MT&T Bank Stadium has also hosted several Army/Navy games and also the Maryland=Navy series, which is known as the Crab Bowl Classic. Other big College Football games have been played there over the years.

Why the Ravens? And Who are They?

Many will ask… So why the Ravens? Yes, the team name was inspired by the Edgar Allen Poe poem “The Raven.” There were more than 33,000 voters for a team name contest, and the Ravens were the winner. Poe spent the early part of his career in Baltimore and was eventually buried there. Prior to the football team, the city hosted a wheelchair basketball team known as the Ravens as well.

A Raven is a mythical bird. The mascots for the Ravens, and there are 3 of them are named Edgar, Allen, and Poe. Back in 2022, Poe suffered a tough injury during a charity football game against a youth football season. He then had to miss the entire season. The three mascots appear at all home games and throughout the community at various events. Fans that attend the games in Baltimore are referred to as the “Ravens Flock.” The fans at Ravens games are known to chant the “Seven Nation Army,” which is known as the team’s pump-up song.

Historical Records for the Baltimore Ravens

Joe Flacco holds many of the top records for the Baltimore Ravens behind center. Flacco has completed over 3,200 passes in his career, with more than 35,000 yards. He also has 182 touchdowns, which leads the franchise. When it comes to rushing the football, Jamal Lewis leads the team with more than 7,800 yards on the ground, including 45 touchdowns on the ground. That also leads the franchise. Receiving has been a little bit of a cluster for the Ravens, with Derrick Mason leading with 471 career receptions. Mason is also the top guy in yards in franchise history, heading into the 2023 season. Mason was just 23 yards shy of 5,800 in his playing career. Todd Heap is the receiving touchdown leader for Baltimore, with 41. One more name to keep in mind: Justin Tucker. While he may go down as the best kicker of all time, he is most known for his record 66-yard field goal made/

On the defensive side, there are some names NFL fans are certainly aware of. Ed Reed and Ray Lewis are both guys with incredible Ravens careers. Reed leads the team with 61 interceptions in his career, while Terrell Suggs recorded more than 132 sacks in his career. Lewis leads the team with 1,573 career tackles.

Two Super Bowl Titles for Baltimore

The combination of owner Steve Bisciotti and head coach John Harbaugh have had some success in Baltimore. As mentioned earlier, the Ravens have had two Super Bowl titles since 1996. The Ravens won the Super Bowl in 2000 over the New York Giants and then also in 2012 against the San Francisco 49ers. The Ravens have never played in a Super Bowl that they did not win.

The Ravens have 6 AFC North titles. The first in franchise history came in 2003, and their latest coming into the 2023 season was in 2019. The Ravens have reached the postseason in 14 seasons, including 4 out of 5 from 2018-2022.

Famous Quarterbacks for the Baltimore Ravens

The list of quarterbacks, at least those that have started games for the Ravens, is fairly short. The Ravens have had solid success keeping their signal callers and sustaining success with them. Most recently, the name Lamar Jackson is one to look out for. The former Louisville signal caller started 42 games between the 2019-2021 seasons.

Prior to Jackson, the record holder for most statistics for the Ravens is Joe Flacco. Flacco had an incredible run as the starting quarterback, including starting every game between 2008-2014. He then started every game for the team during the 2016 and 2017 seasons.

Before these two legendary names, Steve McNair made 22 starts, while Kyle Boller was able to last for 42 starts behind center. Many people do not know that Randall Cunningham made two starts for Baltimore during the 2021 season. The first quarterback of the franchise was Vinny Testaverde; he started 29 regular season games under center.

When it comes to postseason success, Flacco leads the organization with 9 postseason wins, while Trent Dilfer has 4 wins, and Elvis Grbac has 1.

Baltimore Ravens Hall of Famers

The Ravens have 6 guys in the Hall of Fame heading into the 2023 season. On the offensive side of the ball, Shannon Sharpe, who was inducted in 2011, played a great tight end for the team. Other than that, offensive tackle, who protected the quarterbacks in Baltimore from 1996-2008, is in as well.

On the defensive side of the ball, Rod Woodson, Super Bowl Champion safety, along with Deion Sanders, Ray Lewis, and Ed Reed, are there. Currently, the Ravens do not have any numbers that are retired, although the team has not issued #19 to any player out of respect for Johnny Unitas.

Final Baltimore Ravens Tidbits

The Baltimore Ravens are an interesting team to follow because you never know what to expect from the AFC North. Since their inception, Baltimore has had a ton of success, with a 56% regular season mark and 16 postseason wins heading into 2023. The Ravens always seem to be in the mix when it comes to reaching the postseason after three losing seasons to start the franchise history. Baltimore has only seen five since then. The 2019 season for the Ravens, despite losing in the divisional round, was one of the more dominant teams in recent history. The Ravens outscored opponents by 249 points and won 14 of 16 regular season games.