Baseball Future Bets

Tournaments – Odds to Win Division, Pennant, World Series

As a RealBookie agent, baseball season should excite you for several reasons. First, baseball is unlike most other sports. It’s the longest season of any of the major sports, running from April to the end of October. Secondly, teams play 162 games each which means there are many games each and every day. This simply means more opportunities for your players to make bets.

Types of Baseball Future Bets

Today we want to go into detail about how betting on baseball futures & tournaments work. There are three key types of  future bets your players can make. First, they can bet on which team will win the division. Second, they can bet on which team will win the Pennant. Lastly, they can bet on which team will win the World Series.

Let’s look at a few examples for each of these:

  • Win the Division refers to a team winning the NL Central or some other division. For instance, your players could bet that the Chicago Cubs will win the NL Central Division this season.
  • Win the Pennant refers to the entire “National” or “American” League. So basically this team would make it to the World Series.
  • Win the World Series is clear. Your players can bet on which team(s) they think will win it all.

Future Lines Stay Open All Season Long

Most offshore sportsbooks only keep these future lines and odds open during small windows of time. Up until the season starts, and maybe they will open up the odds again a few times a year.

As an agent, you need to understand and make sure your players know that they can bet on these futures ALL BASEBALL SEASON LONG! The odds on your site are constantly updated based on how these teams perform. Your players have the opportunity to bet on these things multiple times during the season. I repeat — ALL YEAR LONG!

How do the Future Odds and Lines Work?

So let’s talk about how this works in a little more detail. Every day before the baseball games start, the odds open up for the three futures we discussed above. Once the games start, these lines go down and players can’t bet on baseball futures during that time.

But, after all the results are in, the lines will be modified and changed to adjust for any major changes needed. Then once the next morning hits, the future odds will be opened up once again for your players to bet on them.

Being a Successful Agent is About Volume

Understand this, being an agent is a pure volume game. The MORE BETS YOU TAKE, THE BETTER OFF YOU ARE. Players are not betting against you! You are collecting that vig on every bet they place, so the more they place the better.

Which is exactly why our future/tournament odds for baseball are so appealing to agents. Your players could make several future bets on different (or the same) team throughout the season. Be sure to encourage your players to do so.

One thing to consider, is to put smaller limits on the amount of money your players can bet on any individual tournament or future bet. This will shield you from players killing you on one team winning once the postseason hits.

Hopefully you understand a little better how betting on baseball futures works in your online sportsbook. It’s unique and a huge benefit to agents having these lines open all season long. Take advantage of it and cash in on the large volume of future bets your players make.