Basketball Betting – Many Leagues To Bet On

When it comes to betting on basketball there are many leagues to bet on. As a agent that is very beneficial for you since there are also tons of bets that can be made on each league with our per head service. This is a fantastic opportunity for you since you make a percentage of every bet made from your players and with all the betting options you can make available to them through the many leagues you can wager on it means more money in your pocket.

Ok, so hoops is not as popular as football, but with the betting options aplenty it only makes sense for you to take advantage of the hardwood season.

NBA Betting

NBA betting is the most popular basketball betting considering it is the most popular basketball league in the world. Because of this there are tons of betting options from straight bets to totals, props to futures, and parlays and moneylines. In the NBA every teams plays 82 regular season games before the playoffs begin and every single game has a lot of action. The more you know about betting offerings the more you can tell your players and that boils down to more bets placed by them and more money for you.

Every NBA game has the typical spread, total, and moneyline, but most also offer props and futures, win totals, and parlays are also available all season. When the playoffs and, especially finals, roll around there are even more betting options available such as series bets and an increased amount of props. Let your players know this so you can more juice, as there is a lot out there when it comes to NBA betting, especially in the post-season.


The WNBA is not as popular as the NBA, but it has most of the betting options available and one great thing is that it is not at the same time. This is great for two reasons: One, it allows more time for hoops betting, which can be more profitable for you and two you can let your players know that there is still hoops action when the NBA, as well as NCAA and Euro leagues are over.

The WNBA is growing in popularity every year and that means more betting options are available for that league. Jump on that bandwagon to get your players to wager on it so you can get more juice.

NCAA Hoops

NCAA hoops betting is very popular and the NCAA Tournament, Big Dance, is one of the biggest betting events the world over. Besides the Big Dance you can let your players know odds of games, which there are a TON every season, and futures are a good offer to your players since there are so many college conferences around the country.

NCAA basketball does not have as many player prop bets as the pro leagues, but there are over 350 Division I teams and with, pretty much, all games having lines and totals, you see there is lot of action for your players and a lot of dough to be had for you.

European Leagues

No need to stay in North American to get hoops betting juice, as you can hop the pond to the many betting options available for the European Leagues. You would be surprised how many various wagering types that you will find on offshore sportsbooks and not just for the bigger leagues Euro Leagues.

Most countries in Europe have pro leagues and, chances are, they have odds for games. Make this action available to your players and make more money in the process. It is a win-win situation.

As you can see there are MANY basketball betting leagues, which means more bets,, which means more juice for you. The more you know about all the leagues the more info you can pass along to your players that like to bet on the hardwood. This will only make more money for you, so why pass it up?