Basketball Live Betting and In-Game Betting

There are many different kinds of basketball bets you can make from a standard bet to a totals bet and futures bets to prop bets, but you can also bet on a hoops game while it happens. Live betting, also called in-game betting, allows you to take part in the betting action as the game is going on.

Maybe you have said to yourself, “I should have bet on the Lakers with how they are playing.” Well, now with the wagering options available through our pay per head software you can do just that and offer that option to your players.

In the basketball betting section you can check out the many betting options available. Here, we will look at the live betting option and how you, as a agent, can offer that to your players.

The more betting options you offer your players the more they can choose to bet on those offerings, which means the more money you can make. Live betting is a great offer to your players, as they don’t need to make the wager before the game begins and they can still lay some loot on the game and get some action.

What is Basketball Live Betting?

The name says it all, as live betting in basketball allows you to bet on the game as it actually happens. The spread of the game will change depending on the flow of the game and how each team is performing. This also goes for the moneyline as well as the O/U total of a game.

The point spread that is posted before the game will change during the game, as it occurs, and your players can then make their bets in the live betting option.

If a team bolts out of the gate in the first quarter or if a key player gets into foul trouble or suffers an injury early you will see the spread change accordingly.

Let’s take a look at an example of basketball live betting:

Before the Bulls vs. Cavaliers game the Cavs are the 5-point home favorite. The game tips off and LeBron James comes out on fire and the Bulls fall flat struggling to score the rock. Now the spread will change because of these factors and the Cavs are now an 8-point favorite.

Your players have the option to bet on either of the teams through the entirety of the game with them getting the adjusted spread at the time they made the in-game wager. The same thing goes for total, as if the posted total at the beginning of a game is 203 and 60 points is scored in the first quarter you can be sure the total for the rest of the game will go up for live betting.

Why is Live Betting a Good Option for Agents?

As stated before getting your players more betting options allows them to wager more, which puts more money in your pocket. The more bets your players make the better it is for you as an agent and with live betting they can make many bets during the course of the game.

Agents Be Warned

It is always a good idea to keep the max bet for basketball live betting to a minimum. It is our recommendation that a 10% limit be set on all live betting, as well as prop betting, for basketball games. What this will do is gives you some protection from a player killing it in a live game.

When an agent keeps their limits on the low end it will help keep them from getting buried in a single game.

Getting Your Basketball Players Started With Live Betting

Ok, so you are an agent and you want to take live bets by not using a PPH site. This is worse than a bad idea and our software makes it simple and safer doing all the work for you. Become an agent at, if you are not already one, and you can get your setup for the PPH website.

Then you can tell your players that they have the option of live betting so they can place bets as the game occurs. They can get betting info and action seeing the flow of the game is happening. That is great for true hoops fans and for you as well, as you will make a percentage on every single wager that is made.