Basketball Props and Series Bets

The NBA season is full of action and not just on the court, but with the many betting options you have with your pph software. As an agent you can get your players ready for all the wagering options available to them when it comes to the hardwood. Wagering on hoops can be a lucrative proposition, but it is important that your players know, and fully understand, all the basketball wagers that can be made. Here we will look at basketball series bets and proposition (prop), bets.

Betting on a Basketball Series

White it is pretty obvious that you can bet on basketball games straight up you can also make a wager on a series. However, unlike baseball in the NBA series’ bets will only happen in the playoffs. It is a pretty easy wager to understand, as you simply bet on which team you think will win a post-season series.

As an agent this allows you to get relevant information to your players before a NBA playoff series begins. Give your players the odds for the series when they come out, and they usually are posted very early, and many players like making series bets, so it’s a win-win situation.

Betting on Basketball Props

Basketball proposition betting is a great way for you, as an agent, to make some serious loot on hoops betting. NBA prop bets are available for every single game and once the playoffs and especially the finals roll around there are many more prop bets available for those games.

Every season in the NBA every team plays 82 games, in the regular season, so that means there are MANY wagering opportunities for your players to take advantage of.

There are both player prop bets and team prop bets and let’s take a look at both:

Player Prop Bets

A player prop bet is one that is only for a single player in a NBA game. Will LeBron James score Over or Under 23.5 points? Who will score more points in the game James or Russell Westbrook? What player will have more rebounds? What player will have more 3-pointers?

These are all examples of NBA player prop bets and, again, for the playoffs and finals more prop bets are available.

Team Prop Bets

For NBA team prop bets instead of betting on a player you are betting on a team. Will the Cavaliers score first in their game? Which team will grab more rebounds in the Lakers vs. Spurs game? Who will have more 3-pointers in the game the Knicks or the Bulls?

These are all examples of NBA team prop bets that can be made and they are available for EVERY SINGLE GAME!

There is no lack of betting options when it comes to prop bets for a NBA game. You encourage more wagering action from your players with the many wagering combinations that you can offer. The more action you give to your players the more action you will get, which means more money you will make.

The Juice

The juice, also known as the “vig” is how you as an agent will make your money. When one of your players makes a wager there is a percentage tacked onto that bet that you will get. It is this percentage that the players have to pay in order to make bets through you.

Agents will make money regardless of a winning or losing bet. However, a happy player is one that makes money so the better the information you can give them in making a more successful, well-informed bet, the better their chances of winning and staying with you are. Basically, the more your players make the more you will make, as it is more likely they will continue to use you for their wagering.

NBA series bets and prop bets usually will have fairly high juice rates. You can see this from basketball series and prop bets from the software from RealBookie. This is why you want your players to wager on these extra NBA betting options for the hardwood season.

In conclusion it can be a lot of work being a per head agent at RealBookies. However, when your players have so many betting options for basketball, not just series and prop bets, wagering on the NBA can be a very profitable situation for both you and your players.