Benefit From a Full Slate of College Basketball With Real Bookies

As a private bookie, making consistent money on college basketball the past two seasons has been a challenge. First, the entire NCAA Tournament was wiped off the board. Last season resulted in fewer regular season games and frequent disruptions in the overall schedule.

This level of uncertainty took away from the tremendous profit potential college basketball normally offers.
As the 2021/2022 college basketball season gets underway, Real Bookies has ramped up its efforts to help private bookies take full advantage of a full season of games followed by the postseason excitement of March Madness.

You do the math. With more than 350 Division I teams representing 32 different conferences, the return to a regular schedule of games plus postseason tournaments adds up to quite a bit of profit as long as you have Real Bookies by your side as your sports betting software provider.

Reals Bookies is the Industry’s Premier Pay Per Head Site

With more than 20 years’ experience in the sports betting industry, Real Bookies has been able to establish its bookie services weekly package as best-in-class. Review after review points to the fact that Real Bookies has stood the test of time as an industry pioneer while also offering the most innovate sports betting products and services in the marketplace.

Best of all, you do not have to pay more to take advantage of everything Real Bookies has to offer. Given this site’s vast economies of scale in the pay per head industry, weekly plans start at $10 per active betting customer.

You can also take advantage of volume discounts as your bookie business grows. Price breaks on your weekly fees kick in with as few as 30 active bettors.

Real Bookies also gets you started in the right direction with an extended free trial of everything includes in the base pay per head package. You can take everything for an extended test drive at no upfront cost and no further obligation after your trial ends.

Switch to Real Bookies Now and Reap College Basketball’s Full Benefits

With college basketball back to its regular start-up time in early November, switching to Real Bookies now (or starting your bookie business now) will pay major dividends in both the short term and down the road.

With college football and the NFL, NBA and NHL on the board in November, private bookies have a tendency to put college basketball on the backburner until conference play gets underway in January.

By properly marketing the early part of the new college basketball season to your customer base, you can get a strong start out of the gate. With the help of Real Bookie’s online promotional tools, you can build a solid betting base in the midst of all those other leagues.

The old adage “out of sight, out of mind” holds true for anything in life. As the bookie agent, it is your job to promote your entire betting board to your active betting base.

It is Real Bookies’ job to help you accomplish that goal. Simple marketing tools such as your own custom online betting platform or a series of informative SMS texts can alert your betting base to every betting league and betting market on your board.

Real Bookies can help you every step of the way with your entire bookie operation through the use of the most advanced technology, sophisticated software applications and professional in-house support.