Benefit From Real Bookie’s Competitive Edge

Gaining an edge is a popular concept when it comes to sports betting in general. Players are always looking for that inside edge to improve their overall winning percentage. Bookmakers are looking for an edge to help balance the action on either side of a bet.

Bettors are looking to beat the books and bookies are looking to maintain a balance while making money on the standard 10% juice charge for losing wagers.

The competition in this scenario pits the bettor against the book. As a private bookie, you probably view this a bit differently. Your bettors are the lifeblood of your business. If you beat them every week, pretty soon you will be looking for a whole new set of players.

Your primary goal as a private bookie is to beat the competition. This starts with offering a higher level of customer service and personal attention to detail that the big commercial sportsbooks could never match.

From a technology standpoint, you can also successfully compete against any outside betting sources with the help of Real Bookies as your pay per head site. As a professional bookie services provider, everything you need to run and manage a successful bookmaking operation is included in an affordable weekly pay per head plan.

Why Real Bookies is the Industry’s Leading Choice

Why settle for good or better when you have the chance to work with the best. Real Bookies has been helping bookie agents fully automate their business while operating it online for more than two decades.

Based in Costa Rica as the center of the universe for pay per head bookie services, the ownership group at Real Bookies remains committed to your long-term success as a private bookmaker.

This dedication to its craft has made Real Bookies the leading choice for private bookies, professional credit bookmakers and sports betting agents on a worldwide basis. Given the favorable business climate, this top-rated pay per head service has a strong base of customers in the US.

Leading media publications such as CNN, Forbes and Gambling 911 have featured Real Bookies as it pertains to the private sector of the sports betting industry.

Instead of touting all of its accomplishments, Real Bookies remains focused on improving the bookmaking process through advanced technology, innovation and superior software products.

Everything is backed by an in-house staff of industry professionals that forms a round-the-clock business support team. From dedicated account managers, IT technicians, expert sports bettors and a trained and knowledgeable customer service department, this team is available to help you take your business to a whole new level of success.

Real Bookies’ Competitiveness Sharpens Its Edge

When you are at the top of the list, everyone below you is gunning for that position. Real Bookies understand exactly what it takes to maintain its current business edge. If fact, it is always working on ways to increase it.

When the other major PPH services started offering two-week free trials, Real Bookies expanded their trial to four weeks with no upfront cost or further obligation.

This was one of the first PPH services to expand its casino solutions to include live-dealer table games.
Another site innovation was the addition of free poker software which is considered an upgrade at other PPH sites.

Real Bookies has already proven it will do whatever it takes to remain the leading choice among bookie agents. Why not put that competitive edge to work for you?