Best Pay Per Head Sites According to Reddit

Many bookmakers these days are looking for the best software for their pay per head services on Reddit.They are doing this because they want the most up to date technology, the highest quality with increased efficiency, and to increase their overall dollar.

Pay per head betting platforms provide critical information and other useful options to help wagering bettors. With the increase in popularity for sports betting, the market has needs that must be met.

The top four pay per head sites for 2022 have consistently popped up on everyone’s radar. You could literally put these names in a hat and draw one to pick your pay per head site since they are all high quality. For the sake of trying to organize the lineup, the following are the sites in order of best to good on Reddit.

1: Number 1 is Real Bookies

2: A1PPH

3: 247PPH

4: PayPerHead247

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Real Bookies

Real Bookies is a one stop for all that you could ask for in your betting needs. Even if you are a new bookie or have been in the game a while, you can still attract new customers in addition to keeping your current clientele.

They provide a very cost effective strategy to help their customers succeed without having to cut corners or cost them tons of money. Upon sign up, users would have to pay an upfront flat fee per client.

With that in mind, they are granted access to unlock many options and benefits. For example, the booker can make a website and have a landing page ready to go once they sign up for their services. They also have the availability to place bets and see live odds.

Once users are familiar with the setup, they will be able to access important real time results and updates from the site. So you will see things like bets placed, areas to improve on, and even places where money is being lost the most.

More often than not, bookies are moving over to pay per head software just like Real Bookie for good reason. You can see that with customer demands and an ever growing market is perfect for Real Bookie.


A1PPH is ahead of the game when it comes to their operations and has great flexibility in their options. Not only do they operate smoothly, but the tech support makes it one of the most trusted names found among the industry.

Bookies can sign up and play around without committing to anything. They will see that everything they need is right in front of them for their betting solutions.

Offering live lines, constant access online, and large amount traffic will not stop this pay per head site. Their software runs efficiently and gives a wide range of reporting information to make the betting experience smooth.

With over a decade of reliability in the industry, you can see why they are a favorite. Their customer service and overall experience makes it a very competitive choice among the best of the best.


Another leading name in the industry is 247PPH. Within minutes of signing up and paying a small activation fee, bookies will have an entire solution ready to go at the click of a button.

The software is set to handle all of the betting processing. However, the payments have to be collected by the bookie since the players cannot make any online payments.

You will be able to see a ready to bet major sports section and even casinos. These features are all designed to provide the best opportunity for clients with making more money and having more efficiency.

The great thing about this software is that even though you might be new to it, they have a very easy to navigate system. It also comes with a great tutorial on how to navigate it in case you need help.

Pay Per Head 247

Not to be confused with 247PPH, this Pay per head 247 focuses on handling the everyday tasks of operations. This is great because it allows the bookie to brainstorm on ideas to make more money and to grow their business.

A lot of users switch over to because of their reputation and being one of the most successful bookmaking services for offshore clients. Not only that, it is one of the easier systems to follow that anyone can do.

The software is packed full of games online and customers are definitely going to want to come back. This means customers are returning back for more and then increasing revenue to the site.

It is argued that you will not find any other package out there offering as much h as they do for as little as they do, with an attractive setup.