Bet IP Match Report

There is nothing wrong with having multiple betting accounts. Well, this would not be defined as fraud. But, some bookies have terms and conditions that restrict players from having multiple accounts with them.

Players with multiple accounts with one sportsbook abuse the system, they cross a fine line between benefiting themselves and damaging the bookie.

There are several ways of having multiple accounts. For instance, a client can create two or more accounts using the same address. The client might change some details like the email and password and keep the address and the IP address.

It is easy to detect such accounts by looking at the device’s fingerprints. Some people use more sophisticated methods to have multiple accounts.

For example, a client can use virtual machines, emulators, or residential-like IPs. Another way clients cheat the system is by modifying stolen data to create new accounts. They might use the same computer or phone to create these accounts.

Ideally, there are many ways for players to cheat the system. This is a disadvantage to bookies. But, there is a solution.

Use Bet IP Match Report

Some bookies create lengthy registration processes to discourage players from creating multiple accounts. This weighs down on the user-friendliness of your website. You discourage even legit players from registering with you.

Yet, it is not enough to stop some players from going through a lengthy registration process to claim promotions or other benefits. Some bookies hire fraud managers to manually find connected accounts. This is feasible when a bookie has less than 100 clients.

The other best alternative is to use a bet IP match report. It is an AI-type report that reveals accurate data determining if a client has multiple accounts.

How Does It Work?

IP match report can show you if a client is using the same device to log in to multiple accounts with you. While a family can have one PC, it is crucial to confirm that it is not one player using multiple accounts.

You can also use the report to determine if a player has used the same phone number and email multiple times. The idea is to combine this data with IP analysis to confirm whether a client has multiple accounts.

Having multiple accounts is a growing problem for bookies. Fortunately, you can detect and close these accounts using a bet IP match report from RealBookies.

You may want to attract new clients with generous promotions. But, if clients are going to take advantage of your generosity, you can only do so much, Fortunately, RealBookies software can help you stay in business, offer promotions to deserving clients, and grow your business with bet IP match report.