Betting Excitement for The 2020 NFL Draft Continues to Build

In the current sports betting world with little or no live betting events, the upcoming 2020 NFL Draft is trying the fill the void. With so many disappointing cancellations and postponements for major sporting events, the general consensus leaned toward the draft from April 23 to 25 being another casualty of the coronavirus.

A shot in the arm for avid NFL fans and bettors alike came last week. Roger Goodell, as the league commissioner, stood firm on the fact that this event will still be held as planned. The social aspect of the seven-round draft will be missing but the players will still come off the board for three-straight days to help fill key roster needs for all 32 NFL teams.

There was some serious push back from many of the league’s general managers to push things off for a few weeks. However, unless something drastic happens over the next few weeks, it is time for any bookmaker looking to make some much needed sports betting revenue to get on board.

NFL Draft Betting Opportunities

The first step is to get with your pay per head bookie services provider to help build out the NFL draft betting board. Given this year’s unusual circumstances, the number of overall prop bet options for the draft is starting to resemble the prop bet options for the Super Bowl.

Your customers will not be able to bet on Joe Burrow’s outfit as the projected first overall pick of the draft. Yet, they can bet on an extended list of props covering the quarterback position. Betting odds for the first player taken in any position are now available as a few of the most popular betting options.

Another big betting option is the actual draft position for most of the high-profile players entering the NFL. The third wave of draft props cover how many players in each position will be selected in the opening round. For example, the OVER/UNDER on quarterback is set at four.

With the prospect for live sporting events pushed back even further into summer, the draft might be your only opportunity to create some excitement in the coming weeks.

NFL Draft Marketing Plan

It is going to take a solid marketing plan to properly promote the draft to existing and potential customers. You job is to make this event much bigger than it actually is. By hyping draft props as the biggest betting game in town right now, you have the perfect reason and opportunity to engage all of your existing customer base. Even the players that have been inactive since the Super Bowl.

A fully built-out pay per head draft board also provides a great opportunity to market your bookmaking services to potential betting customers. Sports will be back at some point and you want your bookie business fresh in the minds of anyone looking for action.

An empty live board is bad for business but the pent up demand for betting on actual live sporting events is going to be sky high when it finally does return.

The first phase of your overall marketing plan should include direct communication with your customer base, posted odds for all the most popular draft props and some basic insight into the overall 2020 NFL Draft.
It is up to you as the bookie agent to fully capitalize on this year’s unique revenue and profit potential for this event. It is up to your pay per head provider to help pull everything together.