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With the start of a new football season less than two months away, you might be kicking around the idea of starting your own private bookie business this year. The two biggest things you need are a few active bettors and some start-up cash in reserve to cover the initial weekly action coming in.

Third on that list is a way to fully automate your bookie business while operating it online. Advanced technology along with sophisticated sports betting software solutions have completely revolutionized the sports betting industry in recent years.

To give yourself the best chance to run and manage a successful bookie business, you need the help of a quality bookie software solutions provider. Also known as pay per head sites, the best services can provide a comprehensive weekly plan that is turnkey to implement.

Per head refers to the weekly fee paid for each active bettor you have. For example, if you have 10 active bettors at $10 per head, it will cost you $100 per week to run and manage your bookie business online.

The most important step in the start-up process is finding the right pay per head site to add as your silent business partner in this venture.

Pay Per Head Reviews

There are any number of sports betting sites that will offer reviews for pay per head services. You will want to find a review site that offers an unbiased summary of everything a particular pay per head site has to offer.

The bookie services industry is filled with sites offering sports betting turnkey sportsbook software solutions. Yet, they are not all created equal. The top-rated PPH services offer a wealth of industry experience and expertise.

They are also upfront in their pricing plans without any added fees or hidden costs buried in the fine print. You should be able to find a pay per head plan that provides everything you need within your allotted weekly budget.

A general review site is a great starting point but there are other aspects of this search that should be part of the due diligence process.

Pay Per Head Referrals

There is nothing more impact than word of mouth referrals as long as you trust the source. Even if you do not know any other private bookies personally, there are ways to verify word of mouth referrals when it comes to your search for the right PPH service.

Online bookie forums can be a great source of information for anyone who is just starting out in the bookmaking industry. An interactive online forum tailored to the bookmaking industry can be a great source of information in general.

You can learn quite a bit from your peers in the industry by sharing insight into personal experiences. Back and forth feedback is where many of the pros and cons with a particular PPH service can be uncovered.

Pay Per Head Free Trials

Most of the top-rated pay per head sites offer a free trial of their bookie software solutions package. Some of these offers can be extended to a full four weeks.

The main stipulations of any free trial offer should include no upfront cost to participate and no long-term obligation after the trial has ended. Using the free trial to test drive a PPH service should be the last step in the search process. By this point, you will want to be fairly sure your headed in the right direction.