Bookies Can Make More Money Through PPHPoker

Now more than ever, private bookies running and managing an independent sports betting service need multiple revenue streams. By working with a quality pay per head bookie service provider, you get access to two extremely viable revenue streams; especially useful in today’s tough market conditions, which are advanced software solutions for horse betting through an online racebook and real money gambling through an online casino.

Recent advances in online gambling software now gives private bookies the ability to add online poker as another potentially lucrative revenue stream. Playing online poker for real money remains very limited in today’s marketplace.

By offering bookie agents a chance to get in on the action, this moves them one step closer to becoming the ultimate full-service online gambling provider.

Real money online poker sites in states such as New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Nevada have cornered the market for the past several years. Players still need to be physically present in those states to get in on a game. This latest innovation allows the bookie agent to set up the games and offer them online. All the favorites are part of this new innovative software package such as:

  • Texas Hold’em
  • Omaha
  • 7 Card Stud
  • Hi-Low

This highly sophisticated online poker software also lets bookies offer Sit and Go Tournaments, Rebuy Tournaments, Turbo Tournaments and Guaranteed Tournaments. This software also has the capability of setting up multi-table play.

PPHPoker Gameplay Software Features

As part of the marketing aspect of this new product, agents can create their own professional online presence for poker via a custom company skin.

As part of creating that personal look, there are custom table designs to set any poker room apart from the rest. Other unique software features include auto reload, a running time bank, chat capabilities among players and an overall hand history by player. Another option reveals show and muck cards.

There is a place to add helpful hand strength information and other tips for playing each game. This is a great way to encourage novice players to test their poker playing skills.

PPHPoker Back Office Software Features

Anyone interested in running and managing their own real money online poker room now have an option that has been simplified through the use of some powerful back office software tools.

The betting platform is mobile friendly to include play on a smartphone or tablet. Everything is browser based. Bookies can assign specific admin roles if necessary.

They can also employ the use of time periods, blind schedule and player-to-player transfers. There is an option to set up private tables if the need arises.

The poker software is platform-based to support online play through the standard pay per head business model. This can act as a crucial revenue stream that continues to reduce a high level of reliance on live sports betting for steady revenue and bottom-line profit.

PPHPoker Packages Based on a Flat Monthly Fee

Unlike the standard pay per head business model that charges a weekly fee for each active bettor, the fee structure for PPHPoker is a flat monthly fee.

By making use of this online poker platform for a set monthly fee, it sets the stage for a very generous return on investment. The first step to putting this innovative software to work for you is by contacting PPHPoker at [email protected] or by calling the company at (506) 4036-9890.