Bookies Discovering Montreal | Hidden Gem

Montreal, Canada, nestled and securely tucked away in the great province of Quebec, and unbeknownst to many that travel and even live here; a half a days drive from either Boston or NYC. Montreal has been a world-class city for decades, this is not re-valuating news. What may be news to many is the popularity of gambling. As much as we love the city of Montreal and its three and a half million residents; it’s cold, it’s grey, and the winters are extremely long. Everyone that has ever been to Montreal will testify to the great shopping, the fantastic outdoor opportunities and even better-the food. The summers are perfect, even a bit hot, but the winters are long, and folks look for entertainment. Not only does gambling satisfy the entertainment bug, it kills two birds with one stone – folks want to make money while having fun. Online gambling is heating up in Montreal and now is the perfect time to get your foot in the door with a pay per head.

**We know that folks from Montreal love to gamble on sports and they are always looking for other opportunities in the casino – what draws them? What would make them choose your online sportsbook/casino, over another?

If you are not doing it, you should be—

The most efficient way to grow your bookie business in Montreal quickly, is by having an online presence. If you currently do not have one and are looking, then you must consider a pay per head.

What so great about a pay per head?

The pay per head industry is not new to Montreal, in fact, its been around for more than 20-years. In the last few years the industry as a whole, has picked up steam and the best and most reputable PPH providers on the web are discovering a boom. Bookies want solutions and they are looking to offer the very best and latest in online gambling entertainment.

Not only do bookies want solutions for their clients, they are looking for solutions for themselves.

The bookie business is not always easy. This is not some glamour gig where you wake up and find yourself ‘rolling a Benz’ and always have ‘30-stacks’ in the back! Come on , get real, right… Anybody that has ever been a bookie on any level can testify to the fact that this is not necessarily glamorous. What it is, is hard work, that comes with a load of dedication and willingness to be all things, to all people, all of the time. In order to be ‘all things’, you must have the proper tools.

A fantastic pay per head offers you the tools to make your clients love you. Not only will they be happy, they will love your new digs.

Why not have website that offers all of the benefits of a large online sportsbook?

You can have this very thing right here in Montreal and it takes a day or less. Find a great PPH provider, one that comes with a great reputation for the best customer service in the industry and one that will allow you an extended, full-service, free trial.

What is a pay per head, really?

The pay per head is an all-inclusive sportsbook, racebook (horses) and Las Vegas style casino, all-in-one.

Your clients will have their own-personal, individual-betting account. They will have the ability to log on and bet from virtually anywhere in the world and at any time of day or night. They no longer have to call you to get their bet in.

There will be an 800 number that’s accessible from anywhere in North America, for you and your clients.

The pay per head takes care of all the bookies duties, such as accounting… (now you can dial up on-demand reports, 24/7). You will always know where your money is and how it has been spent or won. You will never have to grade a bet slip-the bookie software take care of this mundane duty.

If you are a bookie in Montreal and you want to take your business to the next level and start earning a six-figure income, then now is the time to jump in with a pay per head. Stop going this alone. Get the help you need to run and operate a thriving online sportsbook and casino all for around $10 per head. It’s inexpensive and free to try. Find the best PPH provider and get started today.