Bookies Gear Up For Another NBA Season With The Help of Pay Per Head

After the NFL, betting on NBA games creates a large handle of weekly action for private bookies. Given last season’s disruptions in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, this NBA season is getting a later start than usual.

The annual Christmas Holiday has served as a showcase for a handful of huge NBA showdowns. This year, Christmas will help usher in the 2020/2021 regular season.

The NBA Champion Los Angeles Lakers will begin their title defense on Dec. 22 against the rival LA Clippers. They will go on to play the Dallas Mavericks on Dec. 25.

Private bookies taking action on NBA futures should make a special note of the Brooklyn Nets this year. With the return of Kevin Durant, they are favored to win the Atlantic Division over Boston, Philadelphia and Toronto.

The Nets will start the season on Dec. 22 at home against the Golden State Warriors. Brooklyn is part of the Christmas Day schedule on the road against Boston. The Warriors will welcome the return of Stephen Curry to the starting lineup. Following the road opener against the Nets, they will face the Bucks in Milwaukee on Dec. 25.

Milwaukee remains the favorite to win the NBA’s Eastern Conference. Brooklyn, Boston, Miami and Philadelphia round out the Top 5.

Over in the West, the Lakers are favored to repeat as conference champs. The Clippers are next on the list with Dallas, Denver and Golden State completing that Top 5 list.

It all adds up to great opportunity for private bookies working with a top-rated pay per head site.

The Pay Per Head NBA Edge

In today’s sports betting environment, it is not enough to simply offer NBA spreads, totals and money lines for straight bets. Sophisticated players are looking for more ways to bet on the games. Pay per head sites are working with the best oddsmaking services in the world to expand those options.

Many of the best pay per head bookie services provider also employ in-house sports betting experts to deliver fast and sharp NBA lines. This covers betting odds for quarters and halves as well as individual betting props for teams and players.

The goal of building out your NBA betting board is to completely level the playing field against the big commercial online sportsbooks you still have to compete against. Why run the risk of losing even one of your betting customers because an option they were looking for was not on your board.

Pay Per Head Live In-Game NBA Betting

Once of the best ways to increase your overall NBA betting handle without increasing your customer base is through live in-game betting options. The right pay per head site can set you up with adjusted betting spreads and totals after the game has gotten underway.

These betting lines will be updated during natural commercial breaks. This will create player retention throughout all four quarters. You can also expand your live betting boards with a series of “what happens next” odds. This covers a team’s next possession and they run continually during the game.

Now is the time to develop your game plan for the upcoming NBA season. Having the right pay per head site by your side is the first step in the planning process.