Bookies Love Alabama

The great state of Alabama is a fantastic place for football lovers and football bettors. The even better thing about Alabama is the proximity to many large, surrounding cities. Not only do Alabamans love to bet on their beloved Crimson Tide but they also love to bet on the NFL and such teams as the Atlanta Falcons, the Tennessee Titans, the Houston Texans, even the Cowboys. Within a 500-mile radius – there is NCAA FB, NFL, MLB, NHL, and the NBA. Every sport represents in a huge way but none of them represent quite like they do in the good old home town of Tuscaloosa.

“Bama” fans love the home team and it’s a proven fact they love to gamble. Why do they love to gamble on the Crimson Tide? Because the Tide has lost just 22 games over the past 11 seasons! This number is eye-popping and almost too good to even believe but it’s true. The Crimson Tide practically never lose a football contest. Not only do they not lose, but they also cover the spread. They beat teams in grand fashion, and they do it with some of the best football talents from around the USA.

Nick Saban is a master recruiter and he knows the game of football better than nearly any coach in all of college football. He gets the most out of his players and he knows how to win (to the tune of five national championships with the team in 11-years). Nobody has a handle on the game of top-ranked college football as Nick Saban does. He gets the players, then he demands results and his teams never fail to render the goods. Alabama has become one of the most bet-on teams in the nation and from week-to-week, millions of dollars exchange hands with the local bookies.

Local bookies have hit the jackpot—

*It may sound odd to hear the word “bookie” and “customer service” in the same sentence but listen; bookies have had to readjust their entire way of thinking when it comes to recruiting and maintaining a client base. Bettors have a lot of options and the street guy isn’t one of the go-to attractions anymore. We have to call it like it is and tell you the truth. The street bookie is being pushed out.

The Remedy: Pay Per Heads—

  • The pay per head option is a fantastic way to go if you care about keeping your Alabama clients. The state of Alabama has legalized gambling and they will soon have brick and mortar sportsbooks. This is great news for anyone that wants to start an online bookie shop and appeal to the base. Why? Gamblers want options and they want more than one sportsbook.
  • For a very long time, bettors from Alabama have been making the journey to Las Vegas and many of them go every weekend during the football season. Now, they don’t have to do this because online gambling is not only legal, but it can be found everywhere.
  • Gamblers are willing to deposit if you bring them the goods. In other words, give them an online sportsbook that has all of the bells and whistles of the online giants. Give them a great wagering menu, offer them the best lines and odds and serve them up options such as a casino and world-class racebook.
  • Now you can offer players from Alabama the very best in online gaming for around $7 per head. The best PPH providers on the internet are not only willing to give you a fair price for doing business with them, but they are also willing to give you the first 4-weeks for free!

The timing couldn’t be better to jump in and start doing business with the best PPH provider on the internet. The players want you and they will love the fact that you are offering a toll-free number and an exclusive website with an exclusive domain name. Alabama wants to bet on sports and if you offer it to them, it’s a guarantee that big profits will land on your doorstep.