Bookies Need to Stick With Solid Business Practices During Uncertain Times

The current coronavirus outbreak has tuned into a major disruption for a large scope and range of industries. The effort to contain the spread through reduced social contact is vital to minimizing the overall impact as much as possible.

One of the obvious casualties is sporting events. In an effort to protect both athletes and spectators, just about every major sport and sporting event has been canceled or indefinitely postponed. With little on the daily board to bet online, you can add private bookies to the list of disrupted businesses.

The overall fallout from the coronavirus has yet to be seen and its total impact is too hard to calculate at this time. Uncertainty breeds fear. Fear can often times lead to irrational decision making. Now, more than ever, maintaining as much of a sense of normal is vitally important.

As a private bookie working with a quality pay per head site for all of your betting lines, it makes no business sense to focus on what your customers cannot bet on. While the majority of the major betting sports have gone dark, you need to focus all of your energy on uncovering what your customers can still generate some action on.

In reality, betting is not about the play on the field, court or ice. It is all about adding excitement to that play. If your players cannot bet on the NBA, then give them any possible opportunity to bet international leagues that are still staging competitions. The same holds true for ice hockey. Certain countries such as Russia are still playing games in their professional leagues. Soccer is the world’s biggest betting sport. From Mexico all the way down through South America, soccer betting lines are available for upcoming matches.

This is where having the right pay per head bookie services’ site by your side can pay huge dividends. The action is still out there, you just need a PPH service that can dig for it. They can still offer fast and quick access to sharp betting lines so your sports-starved customers can bet on it.

You may have never thought about promoting alternative sports to your entire customer base. Not everyone is going to jump on betting opportunities for cricket, darts and rugby. Yet, some will. There is a reason why the sports betting industry in the US alone generates billions and billions of dollars in revenue every single year.

The longer the main betting sports remain on hold, the more attractive these alternative sports will become. All you need to do is put a plan together to market these options to your betting clientele. The right pay per head site can take care of everything else.

If you already have an established racebook up and running, this can be a very viable source of revenue and profit in the coming weeks. Horses could care less if the grandstand is empty. Daily race cards at many of the biggest racetracks are expected to continue. Harness racing at smaller tracks becomes a viable betting option. Even dog tracks maintaining a daily card should be on the board.

There is no doubt that this remains a very fluid situation. Things could get worse before they get better. As a private bookie, sticking with proven business practices and a quality pay per head service gives you the best chances to minimize the impact as much as possible.