Bookmaking 101: How Pay Per Head Bookie Services Work for You

Given today’s advanced environment of modern technology and sophisticated software solutions, getting anything accomplished without some kind of mechanical device is almost impossible.

Could you imagine if the world had to function for even one day without smartphones. Given that this is the current world we live in, the best course of action is to make the best use possible of these modern technology and sophisticated software solutions.

Pay Per Head Sports Betting Solutions

The way that sports fans bet on the games these days has radically changed in recent years. Local bookies working out of social halls and other gathering spots are a dying breed. Given the lack of land-based retail sportsbooks on a wide-scale basis, betting the games online has become a way of life.

The offshore sportsbooks have been taking full advantage of this situation for more than two decades through their online betting platforms. US-based sportsbooks have turned to mobile sports betting apps to reach today’s marketplace. This leaves the private bookmaker to fend for themselves.

That is why pay per head bookie services thrive in today’s sports betting industry. More than a few avid sports bettors are still looking for the added level of service a private bookie can offer. They are also looking for all the bells and whistles that are part of today’s modern online betting sites.

A quality pay per head provider knows how to pull everything together in one weekly bookie services package. This software solutions package needs to be comprehensive in its design while also being turnkey in its online application.

The end result is a fully automated bookie business that can be operated on the internet. Think of offshore sportsbook meets mobile betting app. This pertains to any private bookmaker looking to run and manage a sports betting business with the help of pay per head products and services.

Understanding the Pay Per Head Business Model

The pay per head business model was built on the concept of only charging you for what you use. For one, low weekly fee for each active betting customer, you receive fast and easy access to online sports betting software solutions, internal operations, administrative support and professional betting lines and odds.

If you represent 10 high-volume bettors at $10 per head, you can make quite a lucrative living as a private bookmaker for just $100 a week in pay per head fees. This is a business concept that was actually ahead of its time.

In some ways it still is when you consider how much it would cost to create, develop and maintain these same products and software solutions on your own.

Pay Per Head Bookie Services Sell Themselves

Anyone who is serious about running and managing a private bookie operation already understands the importance of pay per head bookie services.

What you may not be aware of is that all PPH services are not created equal. There are actually some rather poor services in today’s marketplace. The majority of the sites can get the job done but not in a business-efficient manner.

You need to hitch your bookie business to a quality pay per head site that already has a proven track record of success in a very competitive business environment. This will give you the best chance to reach your set financial goals as a private bookmaker.