Boost Your Spring Handle & Hold With Real Bookies

Spring is a great time of the year for sports betting. However, as a private bookie you need to create a more diverse marketing plan to boost both your weekly handle and overall hold. The best way to start the process is by turning to Real Bookies as your pay per head software provider.

During football season right through March Madness for college basketball, you can basically put your bookie business on autopilot if you have a big enough betting base to cover your financial expectations.

Once the month of April rolls around, a bit more betting board management is involved. You already have your weekly NBA and NHL action as a base. The start of a new MLB season provides a boost as does pro golf with the Masters kicking off a new season of Majors.

You can add in auto sports as a viable supplement. Horse racing’s Triple Crown series led by the Kentucky Derby in early May can provide another boost. The addition of betting options for international soccer, basketball and baseball are a few more viable ways to diversify your overall betting board.

The key to turning all of these opportunities into actual cash revenue is by working closely with the betting experts at Real Bookies to make the most of everything offered this time of the year.

Real Bookies Offers Professional Oddsmaking Services

As a private bookie, you already understand how Real Bookies can help you fully automate your business while also running and managing it online. The high level of expertise in the technical end of the bookmaking business has already made this pay per head site extremely successful over the past few decades.

What you may not realize is how Real Bookies’ high level of internal business support can also help you increase both your spring handle and hold. This starts with the in-house team of sports betting experts. They work closely with the best external oddsmaking services in the world to provide fast and easy access to the sharpest betting lines.

This gives you the ability to build out your betting board to meet the needs of your entire betting clientele. You are probably well aware that if you do not meet these needs, you run the risk of losing that business to another betting source.

This becomes especially important this time of the year. Your top priority is keeping your betting customers happy. Real Bookies takes things one step further by making sure the playing field remains level against all the big commercial sportsbooks you still have to compete against.

Real Bookies Betting Board Management Tools

It is important to build out your betting board with multiple betting options for a wide range of sports and sporting events. The next important part of the process is properly managing that board.

You need fast and easy access to the right business tools that can facilitate the decision making process. That starts with advanced business reports that can breakdown every aspect of your bookie business through the use of real time analytics.

Real Bookies can help you stay way out in front of the daily and weekly action coming in. By limiting any unwanted negative exposure while still enhancing the overall handle you take in, that increased betting volume will translate to an increased hold that translates directly to more bottom-line profit.