Have Fun and Earn the Bracket Architect Badge

Bracket Architect landing page banner with loyalty chips

The Bracket Architect badge will reward your use of Brackets on our pool software. Every time you create a Bracket pool (March Madness, Champions League, NBA in-season tournament, NFL post season bracket, world cup, etc…) for your players.

You will need one player with a filled bracket to make it count. For a Bracket pool to be counted for this badge, at least one player needs to use their entry completely.

The Bracket Architect Badge has 3 levels:

Entry Rookie: 1 bracket pool created

Deca-Builder: 10 bracket pools created

Elite Creator: 25 bracket pools created

The Bracket Architect Badge will give you:

Entry Rookie: 100 Loyalty Chips

Deca-builder: 250 Loyalty Chips

Elite creator: 500 Loyalty Chips

  • Only one pool per event will count towards this badge.
  • Every player that participates in a bracket will count as active on the week they filled the bracket.
  • Both pools with paid entry as well as pools with free entry are eligible for this badge.
  • As soon as you reach the level the system will update your prize and it will be ready to be claimed.
  • If an agent doesn’t use their account for more than a year; all loyalty chips, multipliers and prizes gained will be lost because the agent account will be deleted.
  • As long as your agent account is active, loyalty chips, multipliers and prizes will not expire.
  • The pool software will make adjustments on the player account when they join the pool; it will also give the prize to the winners automatically. You will be responsible for collections and payments to your players.
  • To create your pool:

1. Log in to the PPH Platform (the new site)

2. Click on the pools tab

3. Select create pool and then Bracket. Then, choose the bracket event you want to offer.

4. Follow the prompts to fill out the information required.

5. Start by selecting the prize mode, define the participants, the entries, when the bracket should start, the buy in, your percentage -if needed- and how many winners your bracket will have.

Ready to run your own bracket? Learn How to create it in the following video: