Build Early NFL Volume With Preseason Pay Per Head Betting Lines

One of the most anticipated times of the year for most sports bettors is the last weekend in August leading into early September. This marks the start of a new season of football in the college ranks as well as in the new NFL regular season.

Now is the time of the year when private bookies running and managing their own independent sportsbook start to rev the engines for the new season. Sitting on the sidelines waiting for the games to begin can be a costly strategy. While most of the betting excitement revolves around the games that count for real in the standings, the NFL four-game preseason schedule of exhibition games is a great way to generate some early football income.

Out of site, out of mind can be used to describe the typical recreational sports bettor. If they do not see betting lines for NFL preseason games on your board, they are far more likely to forget about betting on them. By working with your pay per head bookie software provider, you can build out a NFL preseason betting board that offers any number of ways to bet on the games.

Build Out Your NFL Preseason Board with Pay Per Head Betting Lines

Along with the basic pointspread and total line for each week’s NFL exhibition schedule, you can add more betting options for halftime bets, alternative betting spreads and totals along with anything else that may interest your overall sports betting customer base. You still have the option to move your betting lines and change your overall board to protect your business interests.

While the overall action may be rather small from a volume standpoint, you will be still be taking in some extra action during one of the slowest times of the year. You will also be setting the stage for the actual college and NFL regular season. If you can bring in a few new customers now with NFL preseason betting options, they will most likely stick with your bookmaking service when the games do start counting for real.

Marketing the NFL Preseason to Your Customer Base

There are certain steps you can take to enhance the response you actually get for preseason football.

The following marketing tips should be able to help your efforts:

  • Feature all the nationally broadcast games
  • Offer a Reduced Juice option for certain bets
  • Create and NFL preseason incentive for new customer referrals
  • Spice up the graphic design elements of your website with a football theme

All four of these marketing schemes are easy to create and execute with the help of your pay per head’s customer service team. Starting with the annual Hall of Fame Game carried by NBC on Thursday, Aug. 1, all the nationally broadcast games are highlighted on each week’s preseason schedule. In a full schedule of Week 1 preseason games, the NFL Network offers a doubleheader of action on Thursday. ESPN, CBS and FOX also join the mix with featured preseason contests.

Reduced Juice betting options is always a great way to build interest in certain types of bets. Perhaps you could enhance the payout odds for certain three-team parlays.

This is the best time of the year to ramp up your marketing efforts for new customers. Word of mouth referrals is still the easiest and smartest way to expand the depth and reach of your overall customer base.

Make your online presence fit the part. Changing over to football graphics in August will help create interest while building excitement for the upcoming season of games.