Build Excitement for NASCAR’s Return With Pay Per Head

The NBA, NHL and MLB seasons are still on hold due to the current coronavirus health crisis. However, NASCAR recently announced it will resume its Cup Series schedule on Sunday, May 17 at Darlington Raceway.

In fact, this sport is returning to action with a vengeance. Counting this Cup Series event, NASCAR will be staging seven races from May 17 right through May 27. Cup Series events include two races at Darlington and a pair of races at Charlotte Motor Speedway. This includes the Coca-Cola 600 on May 24 as part of the Memorial Day weekend festivities. The other racing events during this same span are for the Xfinity Series and Trucks.

It does not matter whether NASCAR was a big betting event for your private bookmaking business before everything came to a sudden stop. This betting sport now has the potential to deliver a decent revenue stream with the right pay per head site helping to promote the races.

Basic Betting Odds

It first starts with the actual betting odds. The best pay per head bookie services should be able to fill your board with a variety of NASCAR betting options. The basic bets include odds to win the race and a Top 3 finish.

Betting the outright winner or even a Top 3 finish are easy bets to make for your customers. More importantly, they are very profitable bets for your bookie operation. Picking the outright winner of any NASCAR race is hard to do.

Most of your base will probably go chalk with the favorite. Fortunately for the books, the favorite only wins a very small portion of the races across the entire schedule. NASCAR is trying to quickly make up for lost time, this can work in your favor with four major Cup Series betting events in less than two weeks’ time.

Head-to-Head Matchup Odds

The best way to bet on the races is through head-to-head matchups. You can post betting odds for Kyle Busch vs. Kevin Harvick. The winner is the driver with the better finish. There is always a winner for these types of bets and your custom pay per head bookie software lets you move your own betting odds to best meet your needs.

A heavy dose of head-to-head odds for every race is a great way to build betting excitement among your overall customer base. Once again, these are easy bets to place. They can be extremely profitable as well. By tweaking the betting odds, you can push customers in a direction that best suits the overall action you take in.

Pay Per Head NASCAR Betting

Unless you had a huge NASCAR betting base in the past, it will take some added time and effort to promote this sport to your existing players as well as potential bettors looking for action on the races.

Seeing how this may be the only live sporting event on the board in May, it is well worth the added time and effort working with your pay per head site to create excitement betting NASCAR.

You can still use a tactical social media marketing approach to attracting interest. You can also use your custom online Pay Per Head betting site. This gives you the perfect reason to engage bettors that may have taken a break once live sports came to a halt. This is also an opportunity to develop some weekly betting action that is close to being a year-round sport.