Build Your Business With Real Bookies’ 5-Star Software Solutions

Real Bookies started helping bookie agents automate their business while running it online more than two decades ago. This was around the same time the first offshore commercial sportsbooks started offering online betting service.

The only difference between the two was Real Bookies’ concentration on developing online betting software solutions geared towards a private bookmaking operation. To this day, this pay per head site employs an internal operating system that would rival what the biggest commercial offshore books use to power their online betting platform.

What are 5-Star Bookie Software Solutions?

Based in Costa Rica as the home of pay per head bookie services, the ownership group at Real Bookies has always remained committed to offering the most advanced software solutions when it comes to online sports betting as well as other forms of online gambling such as horse betting, casino games and poker.

These solutions were developed in-house and built from the ground up. Real Bookies has spared no expense in building a team of professional technicians that come from a deep background in online gambling software solutions.

The end result is proprietary products that deliver a comprehensive software package while also being turnkey to implement.

As a private bookie, you probably have little interest in the technical side of these solutions. However, you will quickly come to appreciate just how effective they are when it comes to running and managing a successful bookie business.

What Else Does Real Bookies 5-Star Software Solutions Offer?

This PPH bookies services provider has built its industry reputation on more than two decades of business success. Never one to tout past accomplishments or rest on its laurels, Real Bookies always maintains an eye to the future in order to stay way ahead of the steep technological curve that is rapidly changing the entire sports betting industry.

A perfect example of this would be mobile sports betting through any handheld device with internet access. Real Bookies offered bookie agents this capability long before it became an industry norm.

Other innovative software tools have been designed to facilitate player management. Starting with individual betting account profiles, you can create an instant betting dashboard for your entire operation or quickly drill down into individual player positions.

You can make real time adjustments to your betting options across the board while also making adjustments to credit and betting limits on an individual account level.

Every management software tool is designed to give bookie agents a higher level of control over the entire scope and range of the business. By staying way out in front of the daily and weekly action coming in, you can capitalize on opportunities ahead of time while also avoiding the issues that end up having to be dealt with after the fact.

What Gives Real Bookies Its Ultimate Competitive Edge?

Using the best possible software to run and manage a bookie business gives you a tremendous edge over any competition you face.

Real Bookies maintains its edge over its competition by offering the best products and services in the pay per head industry. By incorporating a high level of professional business support into its weekly pay per head plan, you are actually adding a silent business partner that will always keep your interests top of mind.