Building Different Football Profit Centers With Pay Per Head

Most private bookies make most of their annual profit during football season. While sports betting is a profitable year-round activity, both the NFL and college football still account for a large percentage of the total yearly handle.

In order to make the most of this football season taking action on the games, you need to expand your football betting board with the help of your pay per head bookie software provider. Through the use of highly sophisticated and tactical real time business analytics, you can generate specific hold percentages for different types of football betting options.

Banking on the Basics

The majority of the football action coming in focuses on straight bets on spreads and totals. Too many private bookies make the mistake of becoming complacent when it comes to expanded action on the games. Another mistake is the failure to maximize the volume for these basic bets.

Your pay per head provider can provide fast and easy access to early spreads and totals, so you will want to make sure that these lines are available as soon as possible. With the help of betting alerts and daily betting totals, you will be able to instantly move your own betting lines and make changes to your betting board. Keeping way out in front of the basic action coming in sets the stage for expanded options.

One of the easiest ways to expand the basic football bets is a full set of first quarter, halftime and third quarter spreads and totals. This adds quite a few different options to the plate for every football game on the board. You can also tweak the lines to move money on first half lines to the opposite of where most of the spread money is going for the entire game.

Bookmaking is just as much an art as it is a science. Once you have a good feel for how each of your betting customers actually bet on the games, you can provide the betting options that best enhance your overall hold percentage and bottom line.

Football Moneylines

This is probably the most overlooked way to bet on football games. Normally associated with baseball and hockey, a football moneyline is the ultimate way to tweak the betting lines. You can make more on the favorite while enticing more action on the underdog. Upsets are a big part of the game making moneyline bets on the favorites big money makers. Your goal is to create an overall favorable environment for moneyline action either way.

Backdoor covers are a private bookie’s best friend in certain situations, but straight-up upsets on the moneyline can bring in quite a bit of profit if your customer base loves to ride the favorites.

Football Exotics

Sharp bettors generally stay away from gimmick bets such as parlays, pleasers and teasers and other exotics because they are too hard to hit. The avid recreational bettors is heavily influenced by the higher return.
Exotics are a great way to build added profit during the football season as long as you control potential negative exposure with the proper betting limits.

Futures and Props

These types of bets continue to grow in popularity with each passing season. Once again by closing working with your PPH service, you can build out your betting board with a wide variety of weekly futures and props all season long.

From general futures and weekly props to a full set of betting options for every game, the volume and range of futures and props is entirely up to you. You could put together a weekly NFL prop board to test the interest of your overall customer base. By marketing and promoting these types of bets, you can bring in some added profit without impacting the betting revenue your straight bets are currently generating.