Cash In on the Current Sports Betting Craze With Real Bookies

The sports betting industry is booming these days, especially in the US market. More and more states are opening up their borders to sports betting through US-based sportsbooks. Offshore sportsbooks have stepped up their marketing efforts to attract US bettors to their online betting platforms.

While the competition for market remains fierce among these two types of online sports betting options, private bookmakers continue to carve out their own unique niche.

Today’s avid sports betting is looking for the added level of customer service and personal attention to detail a private bookie can offer. They are also looking for ease of use when it comes to placing their bets and managing an online betting account.

A private bookie’s job is to supply the betting customers and a pay per head bookie services site provides the means to fully automate an independent bookmaking operation while running it online.

As an industry leader and top-rated online gambling software solutions site, Real Bookies can provide everything you need to take advantage of this lucrative business opportunity as a private bookie running and managing your own bookmaking business.

Getting Started With Real Bookies

If you ever thought about becoming a private bookie with your own select group of sports betting clientele, there is no better time to get started.

Quite a few people dream about owning their own business but financial barriers to entry get in the way. Starting a bookmaking business does require enough working capital to cover the weekly betting action coming in. It also requires a reliable computer system to access sports betting software solutions.

The most important requirement for starting your own bookie business is a few active betting customers. From the moment you sign on with Real Bookies, this bookie services site takes care of everything else.

The term ‘pay per head’ pertains to the low weekly fee charged for your Real Bookies software solutions plan. This fee applies to each of your active betting customers. At an average of $10 per head, running a bookie business with five active bettors would only cost $50 per week.

There are no minimums in place for active bettors. However, volume discounts are in place for as few as 30 active players per week.

Real Bookies offers a comprehensive base pay per head plan that provides everything you need to automate your bookie business and run it online. There are no hidden fees or added costs worked into the fine print.

Upgraded PPH plans are available to provide added features and benefits as your business grows and expands. However, the base plan has proven to be sufficient for most private bookie operations.

Take Advantage of the Real Bookies Edge

There are any number of pay per head sites in today’s marketplace but there is only one Real Bookies. With more than 20 years of industry experience and expertise, this has been the first and only choice for thousands of private bookmakers over the past two decades plus.

Along with an advanced internal operating system and proprietary software solutions, the biggest edge Real Bookies offers is professional business support. You will have access to a dedicated account manager, a professional IT staff, sports betting experts and a knowledgeable customer service team 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

As a special promotional offer, you can take full advantage of an extended free trial of everything Real Bookies has to offer with no up-front cost and no long-term obligation.