Cash In on the Month of September With Pay Per Head

It was not all that long ago when private bookies were scrambling to find something to add to the betting board. The coronavirus pandemic basically shutdown live sports and sporting events in mid-March.

This put the current season on hold in the NBA and NHL. It delayed the start of the new MLB season and wiped out the NCAA Tournament for college basketball. These were some pretty dark days in the sports betting industry.
Ukrainian ping pong and Call of Duty esports can only take you so far.

Flash forward to September and this has the potential to be the biggest betting month of the year. With the start of the 2020 NFL season, all four of the biggest US professional betting leagues will be on the board. College football will be spotty but major conferences such as the SEC are committed to pressing on.

Throw in the Kentucky Derby on Saturday, Sept. 5 and pro golf’s US Open starting on Thursday, Sept. 17 and there are more than enough major betting events taking place.

Why Private Bookies Need Pay Per Head Software Solutions

Some private bookies still try and go it alone during football season. To make the most of this September, you need to sign on with a quality pay per head site to help sort everything out.

This is more than just an automated way to run a bookie business online. Granted, the best pay per head sites employ internal operating systems that would rival what the biggest commercial offshore sportsbooks use to power their online sites.

PPH provides a business plan that can turn a small-time operation into a full service bookie business that can provide a highly lucrative return on investment. Even if you are only working with a select customer base, the benefits far outweigh the costs.

If you are serious about running and managing an independent bookmaking business, it is time to employ the right tools to level the playing field against the big commercial online books.

Today’s sophisticated sports bettor is looking for the added service a private bookie can provide. Yet, they are also looking for the wide range of betting options offered by commercial online books.

Working with the right pay per head site, you can meet and exceed any sports bettor’s expectations as their private bookie.

What’s Included in a Quality Pay Per Head Package

Today’s advanced bookie services providers offer so much more. Also included in the low weekly per head fees for active bettors are major benefits such as:

  • Round the clock business support
  • Fast and easy access to sharp betting lines
  • Betting board management tools
  • Backdoor software access to numerous real time business analytics
  • Software solutions for horse betting and Vegas-style casino games

This is just the short list of everything included in your pay per head fees. You simply pay one low weekly price for every active bettor with no added costs or hidden fees.

Getting Started With Pay Per Head

The process to sign on with a pay per head site is as simple as filling out some basic information online. You can also contact a site’s customer service center by phone. Most of the top sites will provide a designated account manager to quickly get your bookie business up and running online.