Cater to All of Your Customer’s Needs With Pay Per Head Bookie Software

As a private bookie, the biggest point of difference you have over all the big commercial online sportsbooks is enhanced customer service. The big books make their money by catering to the masses. You make your money by catering to the needs of your specific sports betting customer base.

More and more, today’s sophisticated online gambler is looking for a higher level of customer service and personal attention to their online sports betting account. This can only be found by working with a private bookmaking service. This is your big competitive edge. Yet, to fully take advantage of it you need a pay per head bookie software solutions provider by your side.

You cannot provide the necessary level of customer attention to build a solid betting base without the help of a quality pay per head site. Some can help you much more than others so this is the type of important business decision that you will want to get right the first time.

Traits of a Top-Rated Pay Per Head Customer Service Team

Some cut-rate pay per head services will try and convince you that the weekly fee you pay for each of your active betting customers is the most important point of difference. You definitely want a PPH service with an affordable weekly fee that fits your operating budget. However, you still get what you pay for in this very competitive marketplace.

If a pay per head site is selling their service on price alone, this should actually be considered a red flag. You should be looking for a comprehensive and turnkey bookie software solutions package that can meet all of your business needs.

This includes a customer service component that offers a staff that is both experienced and highly trained in the online sport betting industry. The best PPH services offer an in-house staff of subject matter experts that come from a sports betting and online gambling software background. They not only need to understand what it takes to run a private bookie operation; they should also be trained in the intricacies of online gambling software applications.

Making Your PPH Service Team Work For You

As a private bookie running and managing your own independent sportsbook, things can get rather lonely sometimes as a sole proprietor. You should have a pay per head site that can fill the role of a silent business partner handling the day-to-day operational end of the business.

You also need a site that has the right customer service team to help you get past any issues you may face. You should always have the peace of mind that your pay per head site does have your back when questions, issues and concerns do arise from time to time.

An equally important component of your pay per head provider’s customer service team is their interaction with your sports betting customer base. You need to be able to rest assured that they are also handling any questions, issues and concerns that may arise regarding their online betting account. It is very important that you have the opportunity to handle things in conjunction with your PPH service’s in-house team.

Poor response time to customer requests, improper information and an indifferent attitude to any issues or concerns will ultimately impact your bottom line. This can result in poor customer retention no matter what kind of service you provide as an independent operator.

This is why it is so important to make your pay per head provider’s customer service team work for you. They have as much to do with the personality of your bookie business as you do as owner/operator.