Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns are one of the oldest franchises in all of the National Football League. The Browns were founded back in 1994 and have seen a barrage of changes in the franchise during those times. The Browns are known for their “logoless” helmets and also a team that has yet to win a Super Bowl since the AFL-NFL merger. The last time the Browns won a championship was in 1964, and the merger came in 1970.

Cleveland Browns Stadium is the Home of the Browns

Back in 1999, the stadium opened, and the seating capacity was listed at more than 73,000. Then, the stadium was known as FirstEnergy Stadium, and after some renovations, it held just shy of 67,500. That’s where it stands today. The stadium is gorgeous, sitting near Lake Erie in downtown Cleveland. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is nearby for fans to visit while taking in a game.

A ton of College Football games have been played in this stadium over the years. The Ohio Classic was held here for a couple of seasons, along with the High School tournament, the state series finishing their season here.

Why the Browns? And Who are They?

Some might wonder why the Browns are named the Browns. Some might think it’s interesting that their owner has the last name of Brown. Many inside the organization claim the team was named after Paul Brown, the legendary coach, but Brown has a different idea. Brown said he named the franchise after former boxer Joe Louis, who was nicknamed the Brown Bomber. There is no known ties between Louis and the city of Cleveland, but that’s his story, and he is sticking to it.

How Brown was selected as the first coach of the team is interesting, as Arthur McBride was the one that selected him. McBride was not a big sports fan or mind, but had control of the team and wanted to give Brown all the power to make the football decisions.

Historical Records for the Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns have won 17 postseason games and have a nice lot of guys with great careers in the National Football League. The Browns do not currently hold NFL records, but some of their team records are very impressive. Starting with Jim Brown, the running back with nearly 1,900 yards on the ground and over 12,000 in his career. Brian Sipe is the quarterback with the records, as he passed for nearly 4,150 during the 1980 season and 30 touchdowns. Both of those are team records. He also finished as the career passing leader for the Browns with 23,713 yards and 154 touchdowns.

Ozzie Newsome of the top receiver in Browns history, as his 1983 and 1984 seasons were epic. He caught 89 passes in both 1983 and 1994 and finished his career as the leader with more than 660.

Super Bowl Titles for Cleveland

The Cleveland Browns have never in the history of the organization, won the Super Bowl. As we mentioned earlier, Cleveland had some success in the years of the AAFC, with titles in 1946, 1947, 1948, and 1949, but no Super Bowl titles. Cleveland also was successful before the pre-AFL-NFL merger with titles in 1950, 1954, 1955, and 1964.

Not only have the Browns never won a Super Bowl title, they have never been in a Super Bowl. The Browns went a stretch from 1989 to 2020, where they reached the playoffs just four seasons during those 31 years. It’s been a long struggle for the Browns since the late 1980s.

Famous Quarterbacks for the Cleveland Browns

The list of quarterbacks for the Cleveland Browns has grown quite large as the years have gone by. The first and most successful was Otto Graham. Graham started 71 games for the Browns and finished with an 81% win percentage. That’s far and away better than any other. Second was Frank Ryan on the list, with 76 starts and 52 wins. Brian Sipe is another name many have not heard of, but he holds several team records.

Bernie Kosar is a household name for football fans. Kosar made 105 starts and won 53 of them for the Browns. As the years went by, guys like Tim Couch and Baker Mayfield, along with Derek Anderson, got their share of starts, but none of them finished over .500 as a starting quarterback.

Vinny Testaverde started 31 games for the Browns and won 16 of them, which is more than most. Other names on the list you will recognize – Robert Griffin III made 6 starts, Len Dawson got a start behind center, and Johnny Manziel went 2-6 for Cleveland.

Cleveland Browns Hall of Famers

The Cleveland Browns have had a ton of Hall of Fame players through their years. The most recent inductee to the Hall of Fame was offensive tackle, Joe Thomas. #73 played for the Browns from 2007-2017 and was almost impossible to move.

The very first player in the Hall of Fame for Cleveland was quarterback Otto Graham; he was inducted in 1965, which led to a streak of guys for the next 20 years. Paul Brown, the head coach from 1946-1962, was the second inducted.

Many of you have heard the name, Jim Brown. He was with the Browns as a fullback. #32 played 9 seasons for Cleveland. Marion Motley was another tough fullback inducted into the Hall of Fame by the Browns.

Other names such as Len Dawson, Ozzie Newsome, Leroy Kelly, and Paul Warfield are among the list of 26 players from the Browns. All in all, 17 of those players are elected based on their performance with the Browns. The other nine spent some time in the organization for one season or more.

Final Cleveland Browns Tidbits

The Browns obviously have a rivalry with their AFC North opponents from Cincinnati, Baltimore, and Pittsburgh. There are also some rivalries with teams such as the Broncos, Lions, 49ers, and Titans. The Browns and Steelers play in the Turnpike rivalry, as this is likely their greatest franchise rivalry.

The Dawg Pound, located in the East Bleachers, is one of the most famous cheering sections in all of the National Football League. Many claim Cleveland has the best football fans in the league, and despite winning just 36 of 112 games during a stretch, the Browns fans filled the stadium to capacity almost every game.

Finally, Hue Jackson will always be known for being the head coach of the Cleveland Browns from 2016-2018, but many do not know he will be one of the worst statistical head coaches in all of the league, coaching 40 games and winning just 3 of them.