Colorado: The Untapped Bookies Mecca

Denver Colorado, not the town so nice they named it twice but the closest replica of New York, way out west. This city is the picture of cosmopolitan, it’s big, it’s vibrant and has a great sports scene to boot. Denver boasts the four major league franchises with the Broncos, the Rockies, the Avalanche and the Nuggets.

Bettors from Denver come fast and furious and they want in. They want to play and if you offer it, they will no doubt jump at the chance to beat you! That’s what you want. You want their action and you need Denver’s action.

The Broncos are the fifth most-winning NFL franchise, and nobody is more loyal to the cause than Bronco’s fans. They sell-out every game and they are smart fans, they handicap, they come loaded with information and they think they can beat the bookies. Again, this is what you want in a player base. You want fans that think they can outsmart the bookie. No matter how smart they think they are, they will never beat the house. They may beat you from time-to-time, that goes with the territory but at the end of the day, you will always come out smelling like a rose.

The Colorado sports scene also includes the University of Colorado, Colorado State as well as a wealth of transplants from nearby states such as Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California, Nebraska, the Dakota’s, and even Wyoming and Kansas. The draw is huge, the base has grown, and the money is rolling. There couldn’t be a more perfect time than now to capitalize on the growing trend of bookie software.

What is bookie software?

  • Bookie software is a desktop application (a bookie management system) that is offered by pay per heads.

What is pay per head?

What does bookie software do?

  • Bookie software performs the everyday tasks that a bookie must undertake in order to bring his clients to a fantastic online sportsbook.
  • The pay per head – sets the daily lines and odds. As a bookie, no longer must you deal with this time-consuming headache. Setting lines and odds should be done by an experienced bookmaker. Someone that has worked either for a Las Vegas sportsbook or for an offshore bookie. Most bookies simply do not possess this area of expertise and even if they do, when and how do they possibly have the time to set the daily line on every sporting event, 365 days of the year? This task is overwhelming, and it should be left to experts.
  • The pay per head providers offers a turnkey solution for your business that includes a custom-built website that can be up and operational within a day. You are supplied with an exclusive .com address that you will use as well as your clients.
  • Your clients now have the ability to bet against you 24/7. This is what you need for one reason – Cross action. You must have a lot of action and an equal amount of cross-action.
  • Players are tired of chasing their bookie all over town and in Denver especially. People are busy, they have a life beyond gambling, however, they want to include sports gambling in their every-day life. They will include you if you offer them top-notch service.
  • You must know where your players are at all-time (meaning who’s beating you and who’s losing to you). You cannot allow yourself to be beat-up all of the time by a player or two. You must stay on top of the player’s activity and now you can with player reports from the pay per head.

Pay per head offers all of the great benefits that the “big boys” of the online gambling world. Your website will look similar to any other on the internet and your players will trust you and love the fact that you are online – they never have to call you and when they do need to call, there is a toll-free number. Find a fantastic PPH provider today and start earning that six-figure income.