Join the NFL Last Man Standing Contest for $2000

Get excited about the upcoming NFL season. The better part of the year is here and your business can start soaring again. You can make even more money by joining the NFL Last Man Standing Contest.

So, what do you need to do to participate?

  1. Have a positive balance by September 1st at midnight
  2. Use your entries starting on September 2nd

We are starting the contest on week 1 of the season so start thinking about your pick strategy.

Every active agent will get 1 FREE entry!

We reward your loyalty so an additional FREE entry will be given to agents for every six months that they have been active up to a maximum of 10 entries.

Are you wondering what a Last Man Standing Contest is?

A Survivor pool (sometimes called last man standing pool or knockout pool) is an elimination competition between participants to successfully predict winning teams.

Each week players are presented with a selection of teams scheduled to play that week, and they must select one (or more) that will win outright.

Only the players that chose correctly continue to the next week, until there is just one winner or all remaining players are eliminated (in which case they all split the pot).

In the NFL Last Man Standing (LMS) contest players must pick the winner of 1 game per week. There is no point spread involved. 

The logic of the contest is simple: If you win your pick, you will advance to the next round. If you lose your selection, you are out of the contest. You can only select each team only once during the contest. A winner is declared once they’ve won their daily selection and “all or one” of their opponents have lost their pick(s).

It’s called Last Man Standing because the last agent to still have picks left will win the entire thing

If you have any questions call us or start a live chat, we are here to help.

Build a pool for your players:

Rule Details:

  1. To advance, players must win (or push) for every required pick each week. Eliminations are processed at the end of each pool week.
  2. A push does not count as a win or a loss on your record.
  3. A Pick for a particular game is due at least 1 hour before the game’s official scheduled start time. For NFL all picks are due by Sunday at noon, even for games later in the day or on Monday.
  4. You can change your selection as many times you like within the selection window.
  5. You may only pick each team once. If you run out of legal picks later in the competition, you are eliminated at the END of that week.
  6. If a game is cancelled, or if it is postponed beyond the current week, you receive a push for that pick (and the team you selected is marked as used).
  7. Players that forget to make a pick may be assigned a random team, or may be eliminated. Look at the rules for the specific pool for details. Auto-assignments for missed picks take place after the submission deadline before the last game of the week involving a legal pick.
  8. If all remaining player are eliminated on the same week (or all make it to the end of the regular season), the pool ends and player ranks are calculated first based on the total weeks survived, and second (if required to break a tie) on the final win/loss records. Keep in mind that a push was not counted as a win.
  9. The number of places in the rank (the bubble) varies per pool. If players tie for a place, they also share the number of places equal to the number of players that tied. In other words, if two players tie for 1st, they will share the position 1 in the rank, and the next closest competitor(s) will be in 3rd place
  10. If players are required to make multiple picks each week, then the exact number of correct picks (calculated at the end of the week) is used to determine exact rank. This means two players eliminated in the same week may not have the same ranking.
  11. If there is a tie in the rank number but a winner has to be picked, the system will choose based on the earliest submission of the first pick made for the pool.

Here is how you can submit your entries: