Control Your Pay Per Head Costs with Real Bookies

As a private bookie running and managing your own bookmaking business, the money spent on pay per head bookie services is one of your biggest ongoing costs. The pay per head business model only charges for what you use through a weekly fee per active betting customer. However, if you are not maximizing your return on every betting customer you serve, the cost of your pay per head services could fall out of line.

Too many bookie agents look for a quick fix to increased business costs by going with a cheaper bookie services provider. Your upfront costs may be lower but you will end up increasing your actual costs in the long run.

A cheaper pay per head weekly rate usually results in cheaper service. This will cost you money in more frequent downtime, unreliable connections and safety concerns due to a lower level of online security.

The best way to contract the pay per head services you need is to turn to a proven provider with an excellent track record of service, professional products and industry experience and expertise. This is why more and more private bookmakers work with Real Bookies as the standard of excellence when it pertains to world class online bookie services.

Real Bookies as an Industry Pioneer

Real Bookies was launched more than two decades ago when the first offshore sportsbooks first offered an online sports betting platform to actual bettors. This site adjusted the online gaming software products and services it offered to specifically meet the needs of independent bookmakers.

Over the years, these products and services have consistently been refined and upgraded to meet market needs. What may have worked just fine a few years ago in now outdated and obsolete.

The in-house IT staff at Real Bookies are tasked with keeping bookie agents well ahead of the technology curve in a sports betting environment that is evolving at an accelerated pace.

Real Bookies as an Industry Innovator

Change drives innovation just as much as innovation drives change. At Real Bookies, there two factors work in conjunction with one another to produce the most sophisticated software products possible.

Real Bookies does not believe in change for the sake of change. What this company does subscribe to is innovation that leads directly to tangible benefits. If something saves you time as an innovative business tool, it can also save you money.

Time is not a commodity that can be easily expanded. Accomplishing something faster, smarter and more efficient are time-saving benefits that can be used to lower costs associated with the operational end of a bookie business.

Real Bookies Offers Cost Cutting Measures as You Expand

One very important way Real Bookies can lower your pay per head costs is by helping you expand your business base. The standard pay per head bookie services weekly plan at Real Bookies costs $10 per active head.

If you move your player base between 30 to 49 active players, your cost per head drops to $9.50. If you can expand your active base to at least 50 players up to 99, your cost per head drops again to $9.

Quantity discounts have been put into place all the way up to 1000 active players at $7 per head weekly. You need to settle in on a customer base that works best for you. Just keep in mind that Real Bookies is always looking for ways to curb and cap your expenses while helping to drive your bottom line.