Create Unique Betting Options With Real Bookies

One of the biggest reasons why private bookies still command a large part of the market for US sports betting is flexibility. By working with Real Bookies as your pay per head bookie services provider, the creativity of your weekly betting board is only limited by your imagination.

Today’s US sportsbooks are strapped with stringent state regulations that limit betting options. They also face steep tax rates that keep their betting odds far less competitive in today’s marketplace.

The big commercial offshore books operating online have lost touch with today’s recreational sports bettor. They are simply too big to provide the high level of customer service and personal attention to detail that you can provide as a private bookie.

The real trick is to use all of your market advantages to build a private bookie business that can reach and hopefully exceed all of your financial expectations.

Real Bookies Offers Flexibility

As a true pioneer in the pay per head industry, Real Bookies has spent the last few decades helping independent bookmakers run and manage that business online. This PPH site is also known as an industry innovator.

Through the use of proprietary software solutions, Real Bookies is able to address your particular needs through customized pay per head plans. This site offers the flexibility to expand past the base plan to help separate your bookie business from any competition you might face.

Based in the favorable business climate of Costa Rica, Real Bookies takes full advantage of all betting options. This includes diversity in sports and sporting events as well as the types of bets offered.

Software solutions open the door to personalized options covering:

  • Exotics (parlays, teasers if-bets etc.)
  • Extended futures for several sports leagues
  • Prop bet options for individual games
  • Reduced juice betting incentives

This is just a top-line list of ways to fully customize your betting board. Real Bookies has the necessary in-house sports betting expertise to sharpen up every betting line while also offering wider appeal.

As a private bookie, you will always have complete control of your betting board. The No. 1 priority is to meet all of your existing customer’s betting needs. Next, you need to expand that board in ways that can increase your overall weekly handle and bottom-line profit.

Gaining more volume from your existing active bettors is also a great way to further minimize the weekly cost of Real Bookies already low per head fees.

Real Bookies Offers Imagination

As mentioned, the only limits on your board is your imagination. Why offer the same betting props that 10 other online commercial books already have in place. Through the use of Real Bookies bookie betting software, you can create your own betting lines and betting options.

You set the odds to move money in your best interest. You can then move those lines or change those odds to react to the action coming in. Working together with Real Bookies, you can create a betting board that could also act as your strongest marketing tool.

If you are looking to create a larger betting base, offering a customized betting board would be one of the best ways to capture any bettor’s attention. This is especially true if you are offering unique betting options that cannot be found at any other online betting source.