Creating That ‘Point of Difference’ With Pay Per Head

If you are a private bookie running and managing your own independent bookmaking operation, you need to create a point of difference from the competition. You always need to give existing as well as prospective customers a reason to turn to you for all of their online gambling activities.

If you have been in the bookie business for any appreciable amount of time, you also know you can not do this alone. The pay per head industry grew up side-by-side with the offshore sportsbook industry going back to the 1990’s. The commercial online books made it easy to bet sports online. The pay per head industry made it easy for private bookies to offer the exact same online services.

Your pay per head bookie services package has been built with the same online software solutions that help the biggest commercial offshore books operate online as well. The best PPH services have perfected the process to completely level the playing field when it comes to private books vs. commercial betting sites.

You, as the bookie agent, are the point of difference. You need to offer a level of customer service and personal attention to detail that the commercial books will never be able to match. You need to give your customers a reason to retain your bookmaking services. The right pay per head bookie solutions company can make this very easy to do.

Pay Per Head Customer Service

While you can raise the bar when it comes to elevated customer service, so can your selected pay per head site. You need a service that, first off, has an in-house customer service staff. You also need a site that employs a trained staff that understands all the nuances of sports betting as well as online gambling.

Finally, you need a reliable PPH customer service team that is readily available on a continual basis. Even the best customer service personnel offer little added value if one of your betting customers cannot easily access their help.

Having added bells and whistles in your bookie services package is exciting but everything still comes down to the basics. It is not easy running everything on your own. Having a pay per head site with an elevated level of business support can make all the difference in the world.

What is Your Online ‘Point of Difference’?

It is not enough to have a colorful online betting portal with catchy graphics and big bold print. You need to create an online presence for your bookie business that communicates:

  • Professionalism
  • Full-Service Online Gambling Capabilities
  • Diversity in Sports Betting Options
  • Easy Site Navigation
  • An Enhanced Mobile Betting Platform

The right bookie services provider can help you accomplish all of these objectives as part of the weekly per head fees paid for each active betting customer. Your business should stand out from the crowd. The right online business presence can be your strongest online marketing tool.

There are any number of ways to build and grow your overall betting base. Word of mouth and customer referrals are still very important to the overall process. Yet, targeted social media promoting your online betting site can be a big part of the marketing mix as well.