Delaware: A Gambling Mecca | Bookies Scoop Up

Delaware is a small state but don’t let that fool you, it’s also a fantastic market for online gaming. The city of Wilmington sits just below Philadelphia, close to Washington/Baltimore, close to Atlantic City, and in the heart of many of the largest sporting venues in the world. Bookies have done well in Delaware for a long time, but times are changing rapidly. The online sportsbooks have come along and latterly scooped their business. The number one reason for this is simply the fact of being online. Gamblers love the access and they love not having to find you! They love not calling you, and they especially love the privacy. The online bookies are huge, they are in your face, and everybody knows who they are and exactly how to dial them up, make a despot, and be gambling in five minutes.

  • Step One: Get Online. You must be online if you have any hope of keeping the clients that you currently have. Remember, the competition is fierce, and your clients know exactly who the “big boys” are. In a two-second click of the mouse, your players can be off and running with someone else. Now listen, they are not going to leave you, they are simply going to stop spending large amounts of money with you. Why would they? They can gamble 24-hours a day with the other guys. Sure, they will still bet with you when you are available but are you available all day every day? Of course you’re not. Your job is already a difficult task and keeping up with everyday duties is overwhelming for one person. You now have choices with a pay per head.
  • The pay per head has come along at the right place in time when gambling has never been bigger. Everybody thinks they can beat the bookie and they want to beat you. You need this mindset, this is not something that you should be running away from. You want a mile-long list of gamblers that think they “sink ships”. These are the best clients to have and you will beat them consistently if you are open 24-hours a day. The only way that you can be open 24-hours a day is with a pay per head.
  • The pay per head is the online sportsbook. The PPH providers are offering bookie software that gives you an exclusive online sportsbook, racebook, and casino for free. All you pay for is the $7-$10 per head fee. For every active player you have that makes at least one bet per week, you pay the per head fee for that player. You pay the fee one time per week. No matter how many bets they place, you pay only once.
  • Think of the PPH fee in these terms… If you are going to offer your service online, then you are going to follow the crowd of any other online sportsbook and require a minimum amount per wager. This minimum maybe $10, it may be $15, or $20. Whatever the amount is, it will cover the cost of the per head fee for that week. You are basically getting this great service for free.
  • The PPH does everything that a bookie must do. They accept wagers online, they grade all bet slips and update player accounts and they follow the money. You will have access to online and printable reports that tell you who is winning, who is losing and where each dollar has been spent and when each dollar comes in the door.
  • The PPH sets the daily events in an organized fashion and it looks like any other great sportsbook. They also set the daily lines and odds. This is a big task and if you have been a bookie on any level then you know how important it is to set the lines properly.

Give yourself the chance to start earning a fantastic income. You should be earning six-figures if you’re not then you need a management system that can place you on the right track. Call the PPH provider and ask them about the many benefits and ask for a free trial. There is no time to wait, get in now and start earning big money.