Different Line Types for Baseball Betting

Being a baseball agent is pretty self explanatory most of the time. You get your players signed up, and they start making bets on MLB games. Simple right?

Well, being a RealBookies.com agent gives you an extra level of configuration you can setup. You can set each of your players to use a different kind of “line type” when it comes to betting on baseball.

We are going to explain the three line types and talk about when you should choose each one.

A Look at the 3 Line Types

20 Cent Line

The 20 Cent Line type is your standard way of thinking about odds. This is identical to what nearly every offshore book uses. It is -110 either way you look at it.

Our 20 Cent Lines go all the way to -185. At the -185 mark, the line continues to widen as the odds on the favorite increase.

20 Cent Lines are the default line type for your players. We strongly recommend you use this setup for the majority of your players as it’s the most profitable and easiest to understand.

10 Cent Line

Your sharp players may request better lines and that’s when you put them on a 10 Cent Line type. This is traditionally -105 / -105 either way.

This stays at -105 all the way up to -185 and then it changes to a 20 cent line, and continues to wide as the odds on the favorite increase.

As an agent, you should wait for a player to request these odds before giving it to them. It’s less profitable for you as an agent. But a player with experience and knowledge may want the better odds.

If a player requests it, we would advise giving the 10 Cent Lines to them. Keeping your players happy means more wagers. And more wagers means more money for you.

Graduated 10-15-20 Cent Line

The last line type you can offer as a RealBookies.com agent is the “Graduated 10-15-20 Cent Line”. This is simple:

10 cent line to 145
15 cents from -146 to -185
20 cents at 185 and continues to widen as the odds on the favorite increase.

You won’t have many people on this line type. But it’s a hybrid between the 10 and 20 cent line type. It’s a happy medium for a player that may deserve better odds but you don’t want to give great 10 cent odds to.

Select a Line Type Per Player

As we mentioned above, you can select a specific line type for each of your players. They default to the 20 cent lines but feel free to change more experienced and knowledgeable players to a 10 cent line if they request.

Ultimately this just gives you maximum flexibility when it comes to dealing with your players betting on baseball. Not every offshore sportsbook would give that flexibility so consider it a major benefit.

Most Juice as Possible

Keep in mind that you want MORE JUICE. That’s how you make your money. You don’t make your money when a player simply loses bets. You make money based on the volume of MLB bets your players make, and you collect the juice from these bets.

So keeping all your players on a 20 cent line is the most profitable for you. But if it comes down to a player requesting better odds, it’s to your benefit to grant their wishes to keep their action with your sportsbook.

Good luck and let’s make some money this baseball season!