Different Line Types for Basketball Betting

Most of the time being an agent for basketball bets is pretty simple. Your players are signed up through you and they begin to make bets on basketball games where you get a percentage of each bet placed. It is not very hard to understand.

If you are an agent at RealBookies.com there are various betting configurations that you have the opportunity to set up with our per head service. You can make your players aware that they have the option of what type of line they want to use when they bet on basketball. This article will explain to you, in detail, the three types of lines and when it advantageous for you to pick each one to use.

The 20-Cent Line

The 20-cent line is the typical way that you should think about betting odds. This line is similar, well pretty much identical, to what offshore sportsbooks use. Either way you look at it the odds are -110. The 20-cent lines that we use go to -185. At the -185 line it will then increase when the odds for the favorite in the game go up.

A 20-cent line will be the default lines for the players that wager with you. You should be aware that RealBookies.com makes a strong recommendation that you use the 20-cent line for most of the players you have. The main reasons for this is that the 20-cent line is very simple to understand and is also the most profitable for you, which is obviously important.

The 10-Cent Line

If you have experienced and knowledgeable betters they may want lines that are better, meaning they can increase their chances of winning. If this is the case you can get them betting on a 10-cent line. Typically, either way, a 10-cent line is-105.

This will stay at -105 and it can increase to -185 and when this occurs it will then change to a 20-cent line. Again, it will continue to increase as the odds on the favorite in the game increase as well.

You, as a RealBookies.com agent, should not give out these odds right off the bat, but wait until the time when a player of yours makes the request for them. These odds are not as profitable for you, but a sharp player may want to get the better odds. You can then give it to them to ensure they are happy so they will keep making wagers with you keeping money in your pocket.

Graduated 10-15-20 Cent Line

The 3rd line you can offer to your players as an agent at RealBookies.com is the Graduated 10-15-20 cent line. It is pretty easy to understand and let’s break it down for you:

  • 10-cent line to 145
  • 15-cents from -146 to -185
  • 20-cents at -185 and continues to increase as the odds on the favorite increase.

There are not many players that will wager using this type of line. However, it is a mix between the 10-cent and 20-cent line. It is right in the middle for a player that deserves to get better odds, but that you may not to want to make available 10-cent odds, as, again, it is less profitable for you.

Choose a Line Type For Every Player

Again, you can choose the types of line that you want your players to have with our software. The 20-cent line type is the typical one used and is the most popular, but you have the option to allow your players to use the 10-cent line if they are experienced and sharp players that you want to keep in the fold.

This will give you options when your players make bets through you on basketball. Choosing a line type is something that is available to you and it is beneficial considering many offshore sportsbooks do not have that option.

Get The Most Juice You Can

The more juice that you can get, your players making bets through you, the more money you will make so get the MOST JUICE POSSIBLE. Your money is made by how many bets your players make through you and you will then get the juice from those bets.

Because of this having your players use a 20-cent line is the best option for you considering it is the most profitable. Still, if you want to keep a player wagering with you the key is keeping them happy so if they want better odds you can give them.

All, right, the best of luck and let’s make some green on the hardwood this season!