Different Line Types for Football

While the concept of being a RealBookies.com pph agent is easy to understand since you keep 100% of the winnings from your players, and you only pay a per head fee of every bet made by one of your players. However, you should know some important things and one of those is the betting configurations you can offer your players. There are three different lines for football that you can offer your players and here will take a look at them and when it is beneficial for you to use them. You have to make sure your players understand the football line information, as if they do they will be more comfortable making wagers through you, which will make you more money the more wagers they make.

The Usual 20-Cent Line

The line that is usually used in football, as well as in other sports, is the 20-cent line. The 20-cent line is the one that is the exact same as offshore sportsbooks will offer to their players. In moneyline form the 20-cent line is -110 and with RealBookies.com will be at -110 and go to -185, which increases when the favorite in a football matchup increases as well. As an agent you have to know that this 20-cent typical line is the default line for the players that are with you. You should use the 20-cent line for football when you can, as it is not only is a line that is easy for your players to understand, but also it can increase the profits on wagers made through you.

The Less Common 10-Cent Line

The 10-cent line is not as commonly used as the 20-cent line, but sometimes it is a good idea to offer it to your players. Bettors that are experienced and know their football and want a better line may want the 10-cent line, as they can increase their winnings. A 10-cent line is at -105 and like the 20-cent line will go up to -185 and when it hits -185 the line becomes a 20-cent one. Also, just like the 20-cent line the 10-cent line will continue to increase as the favorite’s odds in a football game increases.

As an agent you do not have to offer the 10-cent line to your players right off the bat, as your profit from wagers taken are less. However, if you have experienced bettors that are good players with you and they request the 10-cent line it is a good idea to offer it to them so they will stay with you. The happier a player is making wagers with you the more wagers they will in turn make, which gives you more juice.

The Graduated 10-15-20 Cent Line

The 3rd line offered for football is the graduated 10-15-20 cent line that you have the ability to offer your players. The graduated 10-15-20 cent line looks like this:

10-cent line to 145
15-cents from -146 to -185
20-cents at -185 and keeps increasing as the odds on the favorite in the hockey game increase.

A time where it may be a good idea to use the graduated 10-15-20 cent line is that a player that wants a better line, but is not a player that makes a lot of wagers. You want players to make more wagers since you make a percentage of every one. However, you also have to keep your players happy and if giving them a better line can do that then you should do so. A graduated 10-15-20 cent line is a better one than a 20-cent line, but not as good, to the player, as a 10-cent line, which will decrease your profits.

Choosing Football Lines For Players

Again, as an agent at RealBookies.com you can offer your players different lines. If they don’t inquire about it you may not want to offer it to them right off the bat, as it does decrease your profits. However, you can do so even if they don’t ask for a better line if they are a solid player with you that makes a substantial amount of wagers. One great thing about your ability to give different lines to your players is that offshore sportsbooks do not do that.

Get The Juice

It is pretty simple that since you make a percentage from every wager made the more wagers made the more juice you will get. This translates to more money in your pocket and you have to know the line types as well as all the betting options your players have. You have the choice on what lines to give players and now you know when the best time to do that is.