Different Line Types for Hockey Betting

As an agent at RealBookies.com it is pretty simple, as you take bets from your players, you get a percentage of every wager made. However, as an agent you are allowed to set up different betting configurations for your players with our betting software. You should let your players know the line options they have when betting on hockey, as there are three you can offer them and let’s take a look at them and show you when you should use them. Having lines easier to understand is good for your players, as they can make more bets knowing how the line works, which means more juice for you.

The Typical 20-Cent Line

When you think about hockey betting odds you should know that the typical line is the 20-cent one. This line is the same as sportsbooks that offshore offer their customers. Basically, the odd, in the moneyline form, are -110. Through us the 2-cent line will go from -110 and go all the way up to -185, which will then go up when the favorite in the hockey game increases. You should be aware that the 20-cent line for your players is the default line for your players. It is a good idea that when you take hockey bets the 20-cent line is the one that you use most often. This is because the line is very simple for your players to understand and on top of that is better for you meaning the most profit you can make.

The Not-So Typical 10-Cent Line

The 10-cent line is one that is not as common, but may be one that experienced and seasoned bettors will want, as they can win more money. Usually, either way, a 10-cent hockey line is -105 and it can go up to -185 and when this happens it will then become a 20-cent line. Just like the 20-cent line it will keep going up, as the line for the favorite in the hockey game goes up.

You do not have to give the 10-cent line right away to players, but if your players ask for it you should make it available to them. You will not make as much profit using a 10-cent line for hockey wagers, but you want to keep your players making wagers with you, so if they want that it is a good idea to give it to them so they will stay betting with you, which will keep your money flowing with every bet made.

Graduated 10-15-20 Cent Line

The last hockey line that you can make available to your players is the Graduated 10-15-20 cent line, which is not used often. Here it is broken down simply.

10-cent line to 145
15-cents from -146 to -185
20-cents at -185 and keeps increasing as the odds on the favorite in the hockey game increase.

A good time to use this line is that you have a player that wants a better hockey line, but is not a whale making many bets with you. As an agent it is key keeping your players happy and the graduated 10-15-20 cent line is a solid one to offer if your player wants a better line, but you don’t want to offer the 10-cent line since your profit margin will decrease using that.

Picking A Line For Players

You have the ability to offer your players different lines, but if they do not ask for it why give them a better line if it ends up costing you money? If you have experienced bettors and ones that have been with you and make bets give them a better line if they want one, as it will keep them happy and keep them making wagers with you. Giving different hockey lines to players is something that RealBookies.com agents can offer something most sportsbooks and other pay per head shops don’t.


As an agent the more juice you get from more wagers made the more money you will make. This is why you need to let your hockey bettors know the options they have, for all the bets that can be made totals, props, and futures to just name a few, and the lines that are available. Again, for hockey lines if a player asks for a better one and you want to keep them wagering with you give it to them. The name of the game is making volume bets, as the more that are made the more money you will receive.