Dynamic Live 2 – What You Need to Know

One of the fastest-growing sections in sports betting is live in-game betting. With such huge growth, it is only fair for sportsbooks to improve their tools and features to optimize bettors’ experience.

One of the features Real Bookies added to enhance players’ experience is Dynamic Live 1. Now, the pay-per-head company has added another feature, fittingly named Dynamic Live 2.

Ideally, this is a money-making add-on to your pay-per-head sportsbook software. It gives players more betting options, which increases the bookie’s overall handle and vig.

Features of Dynamic Live 2

New Functionalities

The first things featured on the tool are new functionalities. For example, there is a function allowing players to use filters such as point spread, game total, and match winner. There is also a three-line icon showing sub icons such as live, schedules, rules, tickets, and Legacy UI.

Color Code

Another characteristic is color code, which will help bettors identify moving lines. The tool also shows the number of live betting lines alongside a streaming icon. Only a handful of games can be streamed at a time.

Therefore, Real Bookies provides games cast to bridge the gap. If a player is unable to stream a game and wager in real-time, they can use the game cast feature and bet.

An Agent at Real Bookies Will Help With the Setup

Dynamic Live 2 might be a new phrase to you. You might feel intimidated about something new with limited information available on the Internet.

If you are this person, worry no more. Real Bookies will walk you through everything.

The company is a pay-per-head pioneer providing bookies with various tools and features to run their businesses effectively. Being an innovative company, Dynamic Live 2 is one of the recently innovated add-ons by Real Bookies.

Therefore, you can expect an expert to guide you through activating the feature and how it works. The best thing about it is that the Real Bookies agent will stick with you even after paying your subscription.

Notably, you will pay $3.50 per active player. Suppose you want to allow ten players to use Dynamic Live 2. If all ten players wagered on ongoing games during the week, you will pay $3.50 multiplied by ten. This is much cheaper than Dynamic Live 1, which costs $5 per player.

Take advantage of this money maker and add money to your pockets. Talk to an agent at Real Bookies today to set up your account and offer live in-game betting with Dynamic Live 2.