Dynamic Live Performance Report

The excitement of betting on an ongoing match is second to none. There is a different kind of thrill that overwhelms you when betting on a game that is underway. It is the only time you can place the most accurate bet based on real-time data you grasp from watching a game.

As a bookie, you cannot afford to miss providing dynamic live betting. This is a feature that allows straight betting featuring various options including player props, moneyline, spreads, and alternative totals, among several others.

In-play betting is a money-minting machine. This is because it has many betting markets spread over a short time.

For example, you can offer ten betting lines that expire in the next few seconds. Within this time, players will have wagered thousands of dollars, making you huge profits in a few minutes.

Ideally, there is a lot happening in one game. Thankfully, performance reports can help you analyze what is happening and decide your next moves.

What Is a Dynamic Live Performance Report?

This is a tool that generates comprehensive data. For example, it can generate a report showing how individual players wagered during a specific game.

You will see information such as how many bets a player placed, how much was wagered, how much was won or lost, and other similar data. This is the kind of data you need to improve your business.

For instance, suppose one player placed three bets on different lines. The player wagered $1000 for each bet and won.

This might lead to your decision about lowering the wager limit. Evidently, you are dealing with a sharp bettor. If this bettor was to place six bets in a day and lost only once, your bank will be in trouble.

So, you can lower the wager limit. While at it, you can increase the wager limit for another player. This will encourage the player to wager more hoping to cash a big check.

Activate Dynamic Live Betting For Only $5 Per Player and Take advantage of Reports To Run the Platform

Most bookies are scared about offering live betting. While the feature is not new, most bookies are yet to understand how it works. So, they avoid it altogether and miss on the money they would be making.

Today, you should know that you do not have to lift a finger to offer live betting. With RealBookies software, you only need to activate dynamic live for only $5 per player. You can offer hundreds of live betting lines in a week to afford the fee and your profits.

Then, take advantage of the performance report to see how your business is performing and how to improve. If this still sounds like Greek, an agent at RealBookies will guide you.