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One of the more recent advances in the online sports betting industry is wagering on actual games after they have gotten underway through a dynamic live betting platform.

Here at RealBookies we offer 2 different dynamic betting applications

Live in-game betting is the ultimate way sports bettors can add even more excitement to the action taking place on the field, court or ice or just about any major sporting event. Betting lines are constantly updated based on what is going on in a game. Possible live bets can range from which team wins the next quarter, period or inning to a ‘what happens next’ during a particular time frame.

* Note: All major sports around the globe. Schedule available.

* Note: Wager Types allowed Straights only. Numerous options for each game including alternative totals, spreads, player props, etc.

Game Cast – Players are able to view the action and wager in real time


Dynamic betting is an added feature that may cost extra with certain pay per head bookie software plans, but it is well worth the added investment.

COST At Realbookies: $5.00 * You only pay per active user.

How to Activate the Dynamic betting

Activating your players for Dynamic Betting can be made through your players admin dashboard, and players can be turned on or off at your convenience.

Tips setting options

You may be a little apprehensive at first to try something new, but do not be, Dynamic betting is a money maker, because of the sheer volume of things a player can wager on, and the VIG, is often set at a premium.

  • Wager limits are stable, but keep wager limit low per bet. The rule of thumb is 5% to 10% ofa player’s game wager limit. Favorites can go as high -1000. Nothing can be adjusted on this for favorites or underdogs, so our default setting is set at $50.
  • Wager limits can be adjusted by individual player

View a sample of the hundreds of wagering options available

Volume is the key to making more money, if you get 10 to 20 additional bets per game, the VIG alone pays for the service

Earn More Money by offering hundreds of additional wagering options per game.

ACTIVATE the Dynamic sports betting now! If you have any question please contact out our support team – 800 949 6285

ACTIVATE the Dynamic sports betting now! If you have any question please contact our support team- 800 949 6285