Edmonton | A Bookies Dream in Alberta

Edmonton, Canada, a hockey mecca and an outdoorsman’s playground. The “other big city” in Alberta. Don’t be fooled, Edmonton is much more than a bunch of hunters with bows and arrows! This city is big, diverse, and boasts an eclectic mix of sports fans. The folks work hard, and they play hard. Edmonton is a great town filled with sports gamblers that are looking for options. In Edmonton, there exists fantastic, Las Vegas style casinos that feature all of the popular table games and casino floor action, however, there are very few options for the sports gambler. We know one thing, there are umpteen thousands upon thousands of sports gamblers in this town, where are they gambling? This is where you come in. You are the bookie that can provide them with what they are searching for and it all starts with a fantastic pay per head. This town is ripe for the taking and now is the time to pounce on a market ready to explode. The only way to effectively do so is with the use and help of a PPH.

Folks in Edmonton work hard, they seek choices and options — Build it and they will come.

Bookies in Edmonton are discovering what the pay per head industry can offer their clients.

  • 1.A stable online sportsbook environment that offers not only sports gambling but a full, Las Vegas style casino, along with a world-class racebook that offers more than 75 tracks and that pays track odds. Bookies: this is what you should be offering the good folks in Edmonton. They work hard and have no time for anything less than efficient.
  • 2.Edmonton, like any other big city, they want sports gambling at the click of a mouse or at their fingertips. Now you can offer them exactly this.
  • 3.The gamblers in Edmonton have been at this game for a day or two, they know what’s up and they know quality when they see it.

Bookies: Can you give them the quality, online sportsbook they have been looking for?

**Yes, you can, and the best news of all, it’s affordable—

1.Find a great pay per head provider, one that comes with a stellar reputation for customer service and reliability.

2.Find a pay per head that’s willing to offer you a full-on, free trial for a month. You should have to pay nothing upfront and you should be able to enjoy the use of the site as if you were paying full price for it.

What does a pay per head offer?

  1. Number one… An automatic online presence. You do none of the site building, coding, programming or any of the labor. You kick back and enjoy a custom-built website that your clients can log into and enjoy gambling against you, from anywhere the web is available.
  2. They offer all sports and they set the daily lines and odds for you, including future bets. They do all of this while allowing you complete control to change a line at any time. You have complete control over what sports you offer and what you don’t.
  3. Player/Financial Reports: You now have the ability to keep tabs on which players are beating you and by what amount. You will have 24/7, on-demand access to reports that show exactly where every dollar goes, where every dollar went, and when/how much came in.
  4. Never again will you grade a bet slip! Stop the madness and start living again. Now you have time to focus your efforts on recruiting players.
  5. Security: Find a PPH that offers you the best in a safe and secure environment for you and your players. “uptime” is a big deal and you never want your online sportsbook and casino to be offline. Protection of information is also a very big deal. You want the ability to offer your clients the best in player security.

Edmonton is a great city and what players are looking for is an opportunity. You must present them with the opportunity and offer them a great online sportsbook that meets their individual needs. There is one clear choice; a pay per head. Find one today and literally have your players playing today. It really is a simple process.