Engage Your Betting Customers Through Pay Per Head Marketing Solutions

These are undoubtedly tough times for any private bookmaker running and managing an independent sportsbook. The coronavirus has closed down almost every sports league and sporting event across the nation and around the world. Unfortunately, things might have to get even worse before they start getting better.

As a private business owner, certain things are out of your control. Yet, this does not mean you should simply close up shop and look for other ways to pay the bills. The sports betting business was booming before this outbreak and it will be booming again. Now is the time to focus all of your energy and time on initiatives that can result in productive outcomes. What you do over the next few days and weeks can have a very positive impact on your bookie business when live sports do return to the betting board.

The first and most important initiative is to engage your entire customer base. This list should include you best betting customers as well as any bettors you have not heard from in quite a while. They know and understand the situation at hand but they do not know what you are doing about it. Communication is vital at this time and it could mean the difference between starting back up on a strong note or failing to gain back all the business you lost.

A great starting point is your pay per head bookie services provider. They offer the means to market your business through an professional online presence. Your online site provides access to various methods of communication via email, texts and ongoing chat capabilities.

Many businesses are turning to online video conferencing and other means of exchanging information online. By letting all of your customers know that you are still up and running creates a sense of continuity people are looking for in uncertain times.

Sports Betting Futures & Props

Working closely with your pay per head site to market your services can also let your customers know what you do have available to help fill the current void. There are no live games on the board for the NBA, NHL and MLB. Yet, there are expanded lists of futures and props to bet on right now. You have the ability to pick and choose which ones you want to take action on. Giving your customers something to bet on for their favorite sports is still better than a blank betting screen.

Even during the off-season, anything NFL is of interest to most avid sports bettors. The free agency signing period is open and plans to hold the annual draft in late April are still in place. There are any number of futures and props you can post in conjunction with each of these events.

Pay Per Head Racebooks

Two other potential revenue streams have the ability to boost cash flow and weekly profits. The first is your pay per head site’s racebook software solution for betting horse races. The coronavirus has already postponed the 2020 Kentucky Derby. Yet, most of the biggest race tracks in the nation are still running daily racing cards.

Tracks such as Oaklawn, Gulfstream Park, Santa Anita and Fair Grounds still have live cards on designated days. Quite a few international tracks in Australia, Japan and the UK are also still up and running. This is an excellent way to engage all of your customers with a fun and easy way to generate some action.

Pay Per Head Online Casinos

Most land-based casinos are closed until further notice. This becomes a tremendous opportunity to open or boost your own pay per head real money online casino.

From slots, video poker and table games, everything and anything that someone can bet on at a land-based venue can also be accessed online. Properly marketed, this is the type of ongoing revenue stream that can continue to add profit to the bottom line long after the coronavirus becomes just a bad memory.